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8.8" swap SN95 vs Lincoln Mark 7

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Did not need adapters on my Bird. Being my car had the small front brakes (10”) I had the 3/8” fitting on the hard lines so these lines worked:

If your car started out with the larger brakes up front (11”) and both hard lines have 7/16” fittings then these are what you want:

So if your car has one 3/8 and one 7/16 fitting the you will need an adapter. Other nice thing about these kits is they come with fine and coarse thread banjo bolts. This is good because some of the Cobra calipers are fine thread and some are coarse so if you want to upgrade later you will have the correct bolts either way.

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8.8" swap SN95 vs Lincoln Mark 7

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Man i do not remember if it had 10" or 11" rotors on the front. I did swap to turbocoupe rotors and calipers a long time ago and everything bolted in.
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8.8" swap SN95 vs Lincoln Mark 7

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The Turbo Coupe rotors require the TC/Mustang GT spindles to swap over. All of the non-TC cars got the cute little 10" brakes.
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