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351C with a Toploader 4 speed in an 88 TC?

So I am working on getting the Turbo 4 back to a good running state, but honestly I bought the car for a 351 Cleveland I have sitting around. My car is an Auto but I would try to put in a mustang pedal set I believe to do all of this. What is going to be the easiest way to get small block mounts in my k member for the 351? Should I just get a different K? Also I do not see much info for Toploader swaps. Is there room to do this? Thanks

351C with a Toploader 4 speed in an 88 TC?

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So I saw your thread over in the suspension/steering section and you discussed a couple of engine/trans combos.  I think the 351C would be the way to go and if you do not already have an AOD then consider this.  By the time you get that brittle bitch to hold decent torque and hp you can just go get a '99 and up Mustang V6 tranny (4R70W) and controller and be done with it.  These transmissions are handling up to 500 rwhp with just a converter change.  Most find them super easy to work on i.e. in the garage on a bench and using good snap ring pliers.  Big thing here is that the AOD is old technology and most racers are moving over to the 4R70W.  Using the 4R70W and a controller allows a person to basically fine tune the transmission shift points without having to mess with a shift kit.  You can snag a 4R70W out of a salvage yard for $300 or less, clean it up, get a new converter, and bolt it up to a SBF bell housing.  Do some Google searches if you are interested.  I am going with the 6R80 six speed auto in my 5.0 Coyote F100 project with US Shift's controller.

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