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Vintage radio tubes to share if anyone needs

UPDATE 12dec2017

call me if you see something you need, no charge.  see the pic attached as well.

if you see a pn tube that is rare or super valueable, give me heads up please.

I am not selling,, i am just doing what Mr Massey asked, that is to make sure i try to find a home for some of his stuff he can't fool with anymore.
copy/paste this list to your pals so they can fix thier old stuff if they need to. 
I want to make sure that if there is someone out there who "needs" a tube, they can get it.

I am not looking forward to getting a call where someone cherry picks the list only to find it for sale on ebay later.
this mission is to help people out and share parts with those who enjoy and need these or spare tubes for thier radios or whatever.

I also have more new reisistors and capacitors than i could ever use in a dozen life times so ask about that as well.

An 87yr old friend of mine stopped by today and told me to use or re-home his whole tube collection.

i just sorted all the big tubes (large) and i have not started in on the mini tubes yet.

here is a list of all tubes *excluding" the miniature ones which i will inventory later unless someone here says i should not waste my time.

 First a favor to ask.
 if you see a tube that i need to keep that is listed and compatible WITH MY TWO RADIOS then tell me "scott you need to keep xxx tube pn"

 I run a 46-1226 Code 125 run3 Philco using 8 tubes which are:
 5y3gt, 6k6 , 7c6, 6J5, 7H7, 7AF7 (this unit does not use a 7F7 like some)

 I run in mu Hallicrafters S38-D the following:
 35z5, 50L6, 12SQ7, 12SG7, 12SA7.

 again in the list below if you see a tube that is reasonable substitute for ones i need to keep back THEN TELL ME, i would appreciate it.

 call the number in this post to call dibs on tubes you want for your radio you need to get up and working.

304 772 3411

Vintage radio tubes to share if anyone needs

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I know some of the 6v6 tubes can sell decently on ebay, you might check those out. There's probably more but those are the ones that grabbed my eye first.
CoogarXR : 1985 Cougar XR-7

Vintage radio tubes to share if anyone needs

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I remember, back in the day, when the TV Repairman would come to the house and open a case like that and replace tubes in the old B + W  RCA.

Vintage radio tubes to share if anyone needs

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These tubes are TV HV rectifiers & dampers... Can be used as target practice...


17JZ8 & 33GY7 are just about as worthless, used in late series string TV portables...

If new, a genuine 6MJ6/6JE6C is a gem, but because it's also typed 6JG6 has been renumbered, probably by some independent tube reseller... In other words likely a fake... I have a 6JG6/6JE6C that is obviously faked, this stuff happened regurarly at end of tube era when less than upstanding resellers were trying to make a buck... a 6GJ6 can handle around 18-20 watts while a 6MJ6/6JE6 is closer to 30...


Vintage radio tubes to share if anyone needs

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updated the list..
added the miniature tubes
thanks for the advise and expertise on this, it helps a lot.
The things i sent to Gary (play things of the past) he gave me 175$ for.  he prob got a good deal.

i have to wonder why gary did not jump on those gems you mention....

Vintage radio tubes to share if anyone needs

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restore it,, see if i have what you need.

Vintage radio tubes to share if anyone needs

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all remaining tubes are gone to a new home.
Headed to Point Pleasant Wv today.
We are trading i guess so no money being exchanged.  The guy will send me several tubes i can use plus a Hallicrafters S53-A radio he got for 20$.
Maybe i can research and make the BFO on this set work good.

one thing i will try is a beverage antenna x 3 , 120deg out of phase with eachother to see how it performes compared to random wire.  i dont exactly have flat land so this is gonna be a trick.