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2016 Long Island Muscle Cars Invitational

Had a hand in setting this one up.  Next year we're gonna have to move to a larger venue.  400+cars in attendance.

-- 05 Mustang GT-Whipplecharged !!
--87 5.0 Trick Flow Heads & Intake - Custom Cam - Many other goodies...3100Lbs...Low12's!

2016 Long Island Muscle Cars Invitational

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Nice cars and great photography skills man.  Looks like there are some pretty slick looking Mopars in your area.
'88 'bird, 1-family owned, original 302 converted to HO, T-5 swap, CHE upper/lower control arms, weld-in SFC's, BBK shorty headers & O/R H-pipe, Dynomax mufflers, fox GT tailpipes, Turbo Coupe 8.8 w/3.73's, 11" front brakes, lowered, Tokico Blue shocks/struts, Chuck W shock adapters and motor mounts, 15:1 rack & PS pump, custom alum. driveshaft, chrome '93 Cobra wheels, Falken tires, 20% tint, close to 190,000 miles!