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88 Cougar Corner Light Relay Location

I am having some issues with my driver's side corner light on my 88 Cougar - it works when it wants too and takes a few seconds before it even comes on when it does.  I replaced the light assembly itself thinking the assembly was bad - I did not think about checking the relay first.  Where are the corner light relays located in the car? I have looked and saw many relays under the dash behind the console - did research and cannot find them.  I saw new ones with a bracket on a website, but where are they?  THANKS!!


Cornering Lamps

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From the 88 EVTM:

88 Cougar Corner Light Relay Location

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Just so I understand, if i take off the panel underneath the dash on the driver's side by the fuses, I will see the relays by the fuse box itself.