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87 "coug" resto winter project

I have had this car for I guess now 23years and its the only car either of my boys have known me to own since getting the 20th in 07.
time flies though, here is a picture of them together back when it was a six cyl, helping me button up things a little bit back when I was on a serious budget build,, that's back in 2000 I think.

87 "coug" resto winter project

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here we are today
pulling out a failed attempt on my part , with an empty bay we start to demo the parts of the car we need out of the way and get this thing torn down again.

Simple engine work over here, going HO SD, I have a choice of 4 different HO eec's

rotating parts on hand are a 331 with forged pistons
cam is a choice of three different ones I have bought from members here
Block will be .020 over
oil galleys will be tapped and plugged
still need a new oil pan.

heads are from a member here
1969 4v casting with April 29th 1972 foundry date. (requires 18mm thread plug which availability concerns me but oh well)
 302 / 71-74 / D1TZ-A,D2OE-BA / 58.2 / 1.78/1.45
 upgrades are :
 ~Ferrea 6000 valves with 1.94 Intake & 1.6 exhaust with bronze guides
 ~approc 54CC which should be as discussed around 10:1 compression
 ~Isky adjustable guide plates
 ~Cnc ported by Power Heads
 ~beehive springs with unknown seat pressure (will check this myself, desire about 110lbs
 ~3/8'' studded
Head gaskets are still an item I need to special purchase.

Intake choices on hand are aftermarket cobra FMS remake, or a Professional Products upper / lower

fuel rails are a choice of oem or fabricating the explorer rear feed

transmission is this...could be good up to 500hp....>

fuel pump has not been chosen yet.

We are going to attempt a rectangular exhaust system approx. 1.5'' x 3'' and see how we make out.  it should hug close to the same height as the subframes making it less visible.  Chance wants it to exit in front of the rear wheels but I don't think that is "state inspection" legal... ?

paint color is up in the air for the moment,, interior desires are Raven like interior

Rear gear- lets not even discuss this part although I can only avoid the topic for a short period of time.

87 "coug" resto winter project

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to get started we have to reset the clock and pull out the old motor which is done... then get out the drive shaft.

87 "coug" resto winter project

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lots of stuff taken off the car now to expose the things that make our cars end up in the junk yards.
we will find and repair all of it.

87 "coug" resto winter project

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and more
the lower core support was from damage by way of a log chain pulling my wife out of a ditch years ago.

the upper frame appears to be the location of the F'ing mouse nest that harassed me off and on with random babies popping up inside my car ,,, no fun at all while driving!

87 "coug" resto winter project

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so we start the sand blasting process and Loctite protection over top of that.

87 "coug" resto winter project

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Gonna throw a t-5 in while your at it? Should also upgrade the brakes if you get a chance. I have some stock stang spindles id let go cheap if you want them.

Good luck Scott and son.
Quote from: jcassity
I honestly dont think you could exceed the cost of a new car buy installing new *stock* parts everywhere in your coug our tbird. Its just plain impossible. You could revamp the entire drivetrain/engine/suspenstion and still come out ahead.
1988 Crown Vic wagon. 120K California car. Wifes grocery getter. (junked)
1987 Ford Thunderbird LX. 5.0. s.o., sn-95 t-5 and an f-150 clutch. Driven daily and going strong.
1986 cougar.

87 "coug" resto winter project

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Can't do the five speed because I got that nice AOD

Were thinking about getting rid of the K frame for a tubular but we need to find the right price point

87 "coug" resto winter project

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I love a good restoration project
***** Project "EVOLUTION" 1987 Cougar LS  & 1985 Cougar Convertible *****
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Pretty much every panel on my 87 is new, rebuilt, or re constructed. :D
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87 "coug" resto winter project

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A couple engine opinions:

Since you have a 331 I would use the Professional Products (Edelbrock Performer RPM knock off) intake manifold. You want a shorter runner intake as with more displacement you don't need as long of intake runners to keep the low rpm torque up. Also what cam choices do you have? If you could post up the specs we could help you make a decision.

Good luck with your project. Sounds like fun :)
88 Thunderbird LX: 306, Edelbrock Performer heads, Comp 266HR cam, Edelbrock Performer RPM intake, bunch of other stuff.

87 "coug" resto winter project

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Most of the sandblasting on this side is done. You can tell where I still need to touch it up, but for the most part it's working good.

I'm glad we went with the sandblaster instead of a wire brush lol

We're using a rust prevention/neutralizer by locktite. Any opinions or warnings on that particular product??

87 "coug" resto winter project

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Got a coat of primer on.