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March 2014 Special Deal from BadShoe Productions

For March only, I’m offering a big 20% discount on selected double title sets. This deal is for 5.0L Engine Swap vol.1 & vol.2 or C4 trans early 64-69 vol. 1 & 70 and later C4 vol. 2 or FMX and C6 trans or my most popular 9” and 8.8” rear end videos. These select double video sets are now $39.95 for DVD’s US sales ($63.95 on Canadian sales) or $36.95 for downloads world wide. To take advantage of the deal, simply buy one of the selected title pairs (dvd or download) under the special deal double discount link.
 Email me if you have any questions, thanks……Ken.
Ken Collins, BadShoe Productions
How To Videos specializing in Ford powertrains