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Re-mirror headlamp interior

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I am more confused now about restoring my lights than I was before reading this.
There has been so many home remedies for restoring plastic lenses I have forgot most of them, (old age) here are a couple that have short term effects all most humorous.
1) Spray lenses with bug cleaner (off)
 and wipe them off.
2) Rubbing compound (1500 grit) and rub them
3) The orange bottle hand cleaner and a rag

I have to dig into the lenses on the Walking bird to get rid of the moisture inside I have access to chrome duct tape I will see what I can do.

Re-mirror headlamp interior

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Grainger sells "mirror" poly type stretchy tape.

"kinda" perfect for this application but vinnie's mirror product is likely a better solve.,,, then there is the ever illusive BMW headlamp mod **someone** wont tell us about!!!,, i think its user = cougars2go ,, his lamps look so different and great!

what i found very very intersting was how the 83-86 glass lamps physically drop into the 87-88 buckets ....

my wifes 70 Ghia with glass lamps blinds even those white lighters out there on the road and she's on low beam.
that little car acts like a light house at night!

Re-mirror headlamp interior

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as said,, the slave relay mod needs done if you have a 2v drop.

inside electrical tech or in my diy link or post thread and we can help you.