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Re: Who has guns?

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Yup. Can't find ANY goddamned 9mm or 45 anywhere. I have shit tons of .40 from when that one guy was in charge and shit was stupid...I'd pick up a box or two every week just to save back...and now I don't have any .40 guns.

Thinking about a generic AR10 build. Just gonna stick with .308 as it's stupidly common everywhere, and it'll kill deer. Plus shitheads who want to invade my farm...talking about the 4 legged kind...and possibly the 2 legged variety.

"To secure to prepare for war."

Stay safe, y'all. It's gonna get worse before it will get better..

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Re: Who has guns?

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Si vis pacem, para bellum.

I'm loving my decision to get into reloading.  Cheap 9mm FMJ is going for .90/per when you can find it, but since I'm pre-supplied on small pistol and small rifle primers, I'm loading 9mm for .15/per, and likewise 300BLK $2/per, but I'm making it for about .50/per.  I'd like better selection of .355 and .308 bullets, but I'm not going without.
Glad I already had primers though, they're practically unobtanium now.