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Looking for some parts to finish the Bird

I need the drivers belt trim that goes behind the mirror and across the door, I need the aluminum trim that goes over the door jamb seal and the carpet, also I need the outer scuff plate plastic. Please let me know if any of you have a junk yard that might have these parts so maybe it will be eaiser fo me to call them to get the parts. Thanks guys for your help.
1986 T-bird
347 stroker motor
185 AFR Heads
TrickFlow cam 224/232-542/563
Victor Jr. intake CNC ported
Quickfuel Holley 800 cfm
Hooker 1-3/4 long tubes
Custom built AOD
B&M 3000 stall
8.8 w/4.30 gears
UPR K-member,A-Arms,and coil-overs
UPR upper/lower control arms
Strange shocks/struts
26x10x15 M/T slicks
(coming soon Tremec 3550)
The Finished Product