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75 302 into 84 coug

well i figured out recently my cougar has been diagnosed with a rod knock.. well since its the 3.8 im looking at picking up this 75 302 out of a granada. I DO know i will need the cougar 5.0 mounts ( just the metal portion or the rubber part too?) flexplate to make the 5.0 to C5 (which one should i get) and a crank shaft pulley cause this one is bent.  so can anyone tell me what ill need to keep from the 84 cougar engine bay as far as electrical so i can hook up the electric dist on the 75 302? any info is helpful!

Re: 75 302 into 84 coug

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i would not use that block...

in a lot of ways it's useless...

1. it's non roller 
take it from me i used a 79 non roller truck block..
but being a non roller is'nt the worse part.. the worse parts are to be listed for you in this post.. ;)

2. it has a two piece rear main seal.. which will for ever leak..

3. for 1973-1976 ford used a block deck hight of 8.229 instead of all the rest of the years which was 8.206...
a 8.229 deck block is the pits for making any kind of reasonable compression..
4. the block is fairly weak in comparison to other non roller and roller blocks..

if your look for a engine to rebuild in non roller look for a early block"72 and down or a 77-79 truck block..

but i'd still look for a 86 and up roller block.. it stronger and it uses a 1 piece rear main..

the only way i'd say use that block is if you only want to make a stock about 200HP motor that runs unleaded regular gas..

other then that it's junk..

there's only about a half a dozen man made objects that are herd by the human ear below 40Hz,a pipe organ,thunder,the space shuttle lifting off,a jet airplane taking off or landing,a large canon,an atomic bomb ignited in your back yard and the heat wave afterward oh wait you would be dead so you would'nt hear it scratch that!,and maybe beating your hear against a wall less then 40 times a second..rap music is'nt one of them!thats 40-60Hz@100+db the moving air is under 40Hz

Re: 75 302 into 84 coug

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Also on your '84, you can use Mustang 5.0 motor mounts. :)
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