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About this section

This new section is provided for posting of links to Thunderbird/Cougar parts and vehicles that you know of that are for sale but that you, personally, are not selling. Some examples of links that belong here are:
  • You found a fox car goldmine in a JY
  • You know a guy selling a fox car or parts
  • You've found an ad for one for sale in the local paper, auto trader, Craigslist, etc
  • You've seen one for sale in somebody's yard or a car lot
  • You've found an eBay auction for cars or parts you'd like us to know about
Once again, this section is for providing leads to items or vehicles for sale. If you are selling the stuff yourself, post it in the regular "For Sale" section.

I'd like to add some general guidelines:

  • List the item(s) in the subject line.  Avoid general titles such as "Found some parts for sale".
  • List as much info as you know, be it a link, a phone number that was on a sign, the listed price, whatever.
  • If the poster wishes to act as an intermediary or check the item out for others, please do so, but be advised this is between the parties involved.
Posts here will be deleted after 60 days.


2015 Mustang GT Premium - 5.0, 6-speed, Guard Green - too much awesome for one car

1988 5.0 Thunderbird :birdsmily: SOLD SEPT 11 2010: TC front clip/hood ♣ Body & paint completed Oct 2007 ♣ 3.55 TC rear end and front brakes ♣ TC interior ♣ CHE rear control arms (adjustable lowers) ♣ 2001 Bullitt springs ♣ Energy suspension poly busings ♣ Kenne Brown subframe connectors ♣ CWE engine mounts ♣ Thundercat sequential turn signals ♣ Explorer overhead console (temp/compass display) ♣ 2.25" off-road dual exhaust ♣ T-5 transmission swap completed Jan 2009 ♣

About this section

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Ok, I'll kick it here first
In columbiana Ohio, 44408, I know of:
#1. 1986 Thunder bird E'lan 3.8 - $250