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User Rides / Re: Work In Progress.
Last post by Mikey97D -
So far the Dakota OBNA-5 car bomb seems to have eliminated the smell.  We'll see if I need to do it again in the spring after being closed up.
Throw one of these in the car over the storage time.  Ive had good luck with them.
Thanks Mike!  I will try that this winter.  Since I have been driving it a bit these past two weeks that cigar smell has seemed to dwindle down in strength.  I will try that sponge next winter. 
Engine Tech / Re: pulling engine and GT40P heads
Last post by thunderjet302 -
Thank you. 

What about pushrods?   My Cougar ones or do I need stock  Mustang ones?

The stock pushrods should work ok. Are you using the stock rocker arms or going with roller rockers? Either way as long as they are the factory style pedestal mount rockers the stock pushrods should be fairly close. If they are slightly too long you can purchase a shim kit to adjust them.

Now if you're going to stud mount rockers then the stock pushrods will not work. You'll need hardened pushrods in that case.
LEADS on T-Bird/Cougar Stuff For Sale / Re: Ever heard of this Bird?
Last post by Beau -
Lose the ugly decals on the back and rear glass, throw some modern wheels on there.....might be decent.

Didn't see the engine, but it's probably the 150 horse (on a good day) version of the 5.SLOW.

Needs a Coyote to back up that
Engine Tech / Re: pulling engine and GT40P heads
Last post by Beau -
If you're going to keep the stock rocker ratio, they should be alright. Pretty sure all of the roller 5.0 used the same pushrod, except for maybe the Cobra engine.

As Lou suggested, check the PtV clearance (clay), just to be certain you're not going to mess stuff up.

If you're going to run an HO cam and nothing with more lift, you ought top be ok, but again, a little "for sure" is worth a whole lot more than "I wished I had"...