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Electrical Tech / Re: Instrument Cluster Lights out
Last post by kylesburrell -
Update to my situation:
Bought a NOS headlight switch.

With the LED 194s in the cluster illumination, it will pop fuse 13 when I turn the parking lights on and/or the headlights.

When I put incandescent 194 bulbs in, the fuse doesnt blow, but the cluster doesnt light up with the headlights on. It still lights up with the key on.

Any thoughts? Could it be something in the cluster? Because the fuse doesnt pop with the headlights ON and when theres no bulbs in the illumination sockets.
Lounge / Re: Reuse steeringwheel bolt?
Last post by Mikey97D -
If you decide to not get a new bolt, I would suggest cleaning the threaded shaft and nut threads with acetone or rubbing alcohol and let dry completely.  Then I would use Loctite 262 thread locker sparingly (on male thread only).  You may need to use a heat gun to remove.

Edit:  the prep of the threads (cleaning) is the most important part otherwise the Loctite does not work.
User Rides / Re: Starting fresh
Last post by Clayton -
I'm glad it's back up and going. I told another guy that I wasn't missing out on enjoying my car this summer due to crap customer service and if I was more patient it would be sitting still.

It's a blast to drive now that its sitting a little higher off the ground as well. Those 18x10s were kissing the front fenders going over some rather minor bumps like transitions from roads to bridges and ECT. Nothing very huge but just enough of a bump to make it compress just a bit more. Now I don't wince as bad going over bumps in the road.

The Hurst shifter is a ton better than the b&m on a comfort standpoint. I'm a fairly big guy. 6' 245 and the b&m I had to really reach for the Hurst is right there easy to reach.
Lounge / Re: Reuse steeringwheel bolt?
Last post by softtouch -
I found some pics and it looks like they have some locker pre-applied to them.
I guess that stuff is only single use.
I Checked the 84 shop manual and they say the same abount the steering wheel nut.Replace it.
Lounge / Re: Reuse steeringwheel bolt?
Last post by Chuck W -
I have never replaced a steering wheel bolt or lock-nut... like ever.   :dunno:

If it has some thread locker on it, reapply fresh.

(Unless it's some weird TTY bolt, or the like, which would be odd for the application)
Lounge / Reuse steeringwheel bolt?
Last post by softtouch -
Going to replace the cruise control switches on my 2001 GM steering wheel.
The shop manual says to remove and  discard the steering wheel bolt.
How important is this?
User Rides / Re: Starting fresh
Last post by Mikey97D -
I would not call that impulsive.  Thank you for sharing your story cause I now know to avoid FiTech.

Good to see the car is back up and running.