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T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars WANTED / 302 Engine block side motor mount plates
Last post by Muttwood -
I have come across a non internet guy who desperately needs the top half of the motor mounts.
That plate that bolts to the engine.
He insists that Foxbody mustang mounts will not work.
He has an 88 TC that is about to get a 5.0

If you can't help, advice would help.

Thanks in advance
User Rides / Re: My ol beater tbird
Last post by Outsidedog -
Finally got my trans from monster transmission got it installed and didn't have second gear, So I called them they told me it was my governor and they'd send out a new one so I'm hoping to have time to just swap out my governor from the old trans for now and see what happens, with any luck I'll have it fixed by this Saturday for a race. Also I got my hands on a turbo coupe header panel.