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Engine Tech / Re: Holley Terminator X
Last post by tommym -
Update on my Terminator X Project. It's still in the box. Between unscrambling my brain from the accident and trying to find a car for the wife I had to delay my project. I do have the additional sensors for fuel and oil pressure that Holley doesn't supply. Holley has the pressure sensors- $130ea. Found them on ebay for $65ea. The sensors are not necessary but gives you the ability to monitor both with the hand held unit. I have a fuel pressure gauge mounted on my fuel rail but might be nice to see it inside the car. Also have the adapter to replace my Pro M MAF seeing as the car will become SD with this swap. BBK makes it only in chrome for $80. Sand blasted the chrome off and re-painted it with SEM satin black to match my existing cold air intake.

Found a car for my wife. It's a 2019 Genesis G80, 5.0 Ultimate. It's a "luxury" car that is way beyond my mechanical skills. It has a 420hp 5.0, 8 speed automatic. This car weighs 4700lbs. It's a tank. The dealers here were not interested in finding one here in Las Vegas, wanted me to buy what they had. Found this one in Poway, CA and had it shipped. It was a dealer corporate car with 2300mi on it. Full 100,000mi/10yr warranty on it. She's happy with it. Now I can start on my car.
Engine Tech / My TC is missing & bucks while accelerating when cold. Works perfect when hot
Last post by Superbird -
My 88 T-bird Turbo Coupe starts and idles fine, but when driving while it's cold, the car starts to buck and miss until it worms up. Then it runs great when wormed up.

I have replaced the following: 
New plugs and wires, new Idle Control Air (ICA), clean throttle body, Distributor cap & rotor, and the Fuel Pump & filter. Could it be the TFI module or the distributer pick up? What am I missing?
Any help with this annoying problem would be greatly appreciated. 

User Rides / Re: BlueBird
Last post by Clayton -
Looks great!

That must have been fun fitting the 3" tail section over the rear axle with the panhard bar?

There's plenty of room on the drivers side. Lol the passenger side is the problem,  the tank mount is directly in the way. That's why I ended up running dumps on mine.

Looking really good man! Keep it up! The T/A is the last peice to my puzzle under the car and I can't wait to be able to get it and get it in when funds allow it. I'd like to get the MM lower arms too just to have everything match I guess. Ive still got to do SFC's seat braces and torque box plates and all that jazz. I have it all already just got to do it
User Rides / Re: BlueBird
Last post by Mikey97D -
Looks great!

That must have been fun fitting the 3" tail section over the rear axle with the panhard bar?
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars WANTED / Front tag mount
Last post by ISTLCRUZ -
I’m looking for a factory style front tag mount for an 83-86 Tbird. Would like it to be in very good condition. Or if anyone has info of an aftermarket one that looks factory let me know
Thank you
Lounge / Re: I may be returning sooner then I thought
Last post by ISTLCRUZ -
What’s up guys. I do indeed have the car now. But the week it was delivered work took off and I have been working long hours. (Which is a good thing) I have not even driven the car yet but I have it registered and insured. It is a 30th Anniversary edition with low miles. I will try to get pictures soon.

User Rides / Re: BlueBird
Last post by turbotrav -
Wow...that is alot of work.  Looks like it is going well.


User Rides / Re: BlueBird
Last post by gumby -
Taking advantage of the holiday weekend. I reorganized the shop, moved out a pile of parts that do not belong to any the three projects currently inhabiting the building, picked up a bunch of parts strewn about the floor and put them on the freshly cleared shelves, then I got to work!
I began by topping up the battery and plugging in the OBD scan tool to confirm to the best of my ability that there are no issues on my end preventing the car from running. The start-up tune needs another tweak; not looking good for driving it this year...Next up, I wired in the VSS recalibration box so I can work on exhaust without getting in my own way. And then, I started that exhaust stuff


Since there is no longer room for a passenger side tailpipe with the new rear suspension I have settled for running a 3" single on the left.
2.5" from the headers to the merge. 3" from the merge, out the back. Everything from the headers to the muffler is tacked up. Hoping that I can get the tailpipe and hangers configured before the weekend is over.