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Suspension/Steering / Re: Problems with Cobra brake swap
Last post by Moonmount -
So what I think I'm reading here is technically what I have should work, but not be ideal. I think I've just gotten multiple bad masters in a row. Now reading off of what you are saying I'm thinking I should use a 93 master/booster due to ease. I have ordered them and I'm going to see what happens. I don't really know what else to do.
Body/Appearance/Interior / Re: Cup Holders
Last post by Mikey97D -
Looks good.

I have one of those, I think from a Taurus.  I ended up getting the holder that jams between the seat and center console that works well when no one else is in the car. 

When I upgrade the stereo I may put it in them.
Electrical Tech / Re: 86-88 ECU Harness Differences?
Last post by Beau -
Man, it's been years since I compared an '87 5.0 harness to an '88...

I do remember the engine-to-body harness connectors are different between the two years, and in addition, I *think* on the '88, the headlight harness has something that makes it unique to that year only as well. Or maybe not...but I do remember that if you have an '88 and you are doing a V8 conversion, you MUST have the headlight harness from a V8 '88 Bird/Cat. Alternator harness, perhaps?

Where's Eric? He'd know for sure.
Electrical Tech / Re: 86-88 ECU Harness Differences?
Last post by Aerocoupe -
So the A9L's came in manual cars and the A9P came in automatic cars that were mass air.  The A9P has some additional timing in the lower rpms to help with getting the auto trans moving.  There are also issues with using an automatic car O2 harness with the A9L or a manual trans O2 harness with an A9P (  With the Birds and Cats there were no 5.0 cars factory with a manual transmission so this is why with will work but if you stab an A9L in there you may run the risk of killing the adaptive strategy talked about in the Corral thread I linked above.

Again, I am still curious if the Birds and Cats have the interconnect between the dash harness and the ECU harness.
Engine Tech / Re: Holley Terminator X
Last post by tommym -
When I did this last rebuild and went to re-install the wiring harness I said several prayers. I tried to remove the tape on the injector harness to check the wiring it came off in chips. Snap, crackle, pop. I gave up. Everything worked except the green/yellow from distributor to coil. I did make a new harness, using the existing plugs for the A/C clutch, manifold air temp, oil pressure.

If you're good with soldering you can make your own harness using MTW, (Machine Tool Wire) wire. Easy to solder and flexible. There are connectors available so you can replace the "salt and pepper shakers" wit an actual connector.

This is a pretty good, affordable crimper for any type of terminal you might encounter.

I do have a PDF Catalogs of Ford electrical connectors. It shows the Ford connectors with the part numbers. You can find them if you Google "Ford Wiring Pigtail Kits". Most are PDF's. Unfortunately I don't think you will find any for our cars.