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User Rides / Re: 84 Tbird project
Last post by 5.0 tbird -
Little more progress today. We got the brakes shoes back together and bled, and I did some more searching for the fuel pump resistor wire. I unwrapped the fuel pump wires in the trunk and didn't see anything like a resistor wire. So I grabbed a voltmeter to check and see the voltage going to the fuel pump. I checked it in the trunk and under the car, and I had 13 volts on both not running, but with a battery charger hooked up so I'm thinking this car has no resistor wire for the fuel pump.

Suspension/Steering / Re: OK Guys, School me on SN95 front brake swap
Last post by TheFoeYouKnow -
Yours stock MC is either 3/4 or 7/8 bore, where you're going to need a 1" bore MC.  The booster swap improves pedal feel, and reduces the massive right leg workout you'll get if you use the stock booster.  The SN-95 booster and Cobra MC in my car combined with my brake choices and the prop valve I used, give a very OE Cobra pedal feel. They feel neither under, nor over boosted. It could have only been better it I converted to all braided stainless hoses.
It's like I stole Baby Bear's brake parts.
User Rides / Re: My two birds
Last post by hwy73 -
Nice birds.   But the Turbocoupe should be under cover and the minivan out in the rain!