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User Rides / Re: My 85 TBird
Last post by Tbird232ci -
I still wish it were Vermilion red...for my own reasons.

That paint laid down so damn nicely.

Did you get an NOS washer tank? That has to be the nicest washer tank I've ever seen.
User Rides / Re: Back in a fox. 1988 Turbo Coupe. The life journal.
Last post by Tbird232ci -
It's time for update part two.

I have been keeping this project fairly quiet. I have a few people who I didn't really want knowing what I'm doing. The good...and bad thing about this forum is that there isn't much traffic.

This is my first project that I designed from start to finish, and my first real attempt at any real 3D modelling. I designed these around Autometer gauges since I had two sitting around. I will do a redesign when I get the VDO gauges for my car.

As of right now, they are made of PLA, which really isn't suitable for automotive applications. I did make a dead pedal for Katys Fiesta and it's holding up fairly well. I just don't trust it to be too durable in the summer heat. Hopefully I can figure out PETG and do more testing.

Once I am confident in my design and durability, I will likely start a website and do a little online store.

I do ask of those 4 of you that do frequent the forum to keep these off of Facebook for the time being. I would appreciate it.
User Rides / Re: Back in a fox. 1988 Turbo Coupe. The life journal.
Last post by Tbird232ci -
Obviously, I've been terrible with updates. I spent a bunch of time driving and beating the hell out of it.

The brakes are awful. Around the town, they aren't bad. I had gotten a little too comfortable on the highway, and wasn't paying too much attention. Traffic was stopped in front of me. I've never used so much brake pressure while heel-toe downshifting. I got it stopped, but I had a chunk of blue velour in my cornhole after that. I have something in the works for brakes.

I did manage to complete one mod. Probably one of my favorite mods to do to any car.

I was browsing eBay, and found that Steeda sells blemished shifters. It was cheaper than the Summit branded shifter, which Steeda makes. Well worth every penny.

I had a plan. I ordered an alternator, a starter, a power steering pump pulley, belts and a bunch of misc stuff. The plan was to do the 92-94 Ranger alternator, PMGR starter, swap on a larger diameter pulley, do a fuel pump and a ton of little stuff. I pulled the car in the garage and started the alternator swap. I found that the suggested alternator, which was a 5.0 Explorer alternator, doesn't remotely fit the bracket. At this point, I started yanking more apart.

Fun story. When I was driving the car frequently, I noticed that the car would build boost fast, but not pull as hard as normal. I also noticed that it didn't really run smooth. I didn't put much thought into it since I had been planning on doing an assload of work. I figured, if it was a vacuum leak, weak fuel pump, or anything like that, it was going to be addressed over the winter. For fun, I pulled the timing belt cover off. The belt had an insane amount of slop. I could slide the belt off of the cam gears by hand. I could spin the timing belt tensioner by hand, with very little resistance. It's the first time I've seen one that bad.

With everything I took off, I found more that the car needs and more that I want to do while I'm at this point. A few things added to the list

-PCV delete. Delete the oil separators, have large fittings welded to the valve cover for the crankcase breather and catch can.
-Radiator, fan, shroud and coolant reservoir.
-Upgraded water pump.
-Oil cooler delete.
-Ranger roller regrind, valve springs, new HLA's.
-Adjustable cam gear, lightweight auxiliary shaft gear and crank gear. Round tooth.
-Remove coolant from the lower intake and relocate the ECT sensor.
-Cut the power steering pump bypass valve spring.

There is plenty more that I intend on getting to. That's a large chunk of what I need to get done before Carlisle.

That is the current state of the under hood. It will get more removed before long.

I know most people on this forum are on Facebook, or follow me on Instagram, but here is a parting shot I just whored across a few groups.

User Rides / Re: Chuck's '83 TBird
Last post by Chuck W -
Well, while the exhaust is off getting coated, I have a couple other things I can wrap up while I wait.

Got the rear brakes all closed up and bled today and mucked around more with the WBO2 wiring.

Nothing really pic worthy, though. Just more things crossed off the list.
User Rides / Re: 84 Tbird project
Last post by 5.0 tbird -
My Dad got the Mustang front sway bar and the new power steering hoses bolted on the other day, and today we dropped the motor in!

I also pressure washed the double hump transmission crossmember to get it ready

After we got the motor and trans bolted in, we pressed new u joints in the driveshaft and installed it. The driveshaft came from an 87 Cougar 5.0, and it's a nice fit.

I picked up a few new parts too!

User Rides / Re: Starting fresh
Last post by Clayton -
Got the fenders back on today and all the wiring tidy'd muddled through some tuning parameters on the fitech because I couldn't get it to idle down right. I think it's just running through the self learn parts still cause it runs a little better each time I walk away from it. Also put the mach 1 chin spoiler on as well. And I got mine from lmr, and the fasteners they sent it with SUCK. Definitely going to upgrade those before the season hits.