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T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars WANTED / Re: full digital cluster
Last post by Steve McMahan -
I have one from a 87 TBird. Since I bought a car that wasn’t running, I do not know the condition or mileage, but I’m sure that should be considered in its price. Here are pics, it is missing one bulb and was from a floor shifting car. Message me if your interested.

User Rides / Re: Bird back on the road.
Last post by Aerocoupe -
I do not think you will notice 0.5" of height change in the rear of the car with a 28" tall tire.  The added benefit of the taller side wall launching the car helps and with it at around 20 psi they hook amazingly well on my Coupe.  I am running the 275/40 R17's but to go taller in the 17's I have to go wider and I cannot do it with the panhard bar.
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars FOR SALE / Parting out 1987 Thunderbird Sport 5l
Last post by Steve McMahan -

New member to this forum. I am a member of the TCCoA forum, but found not many owners of this model. I am in the process of transplanting the drivetrain from the subject vehicle into a 1973 Mustang. So, I joined this group so I can ask questions about the particulars of the 87, especially the harness and EFI stuff, that will be my first time attempting this.

So, I have these parts that I will not be using that I would like to go to a good home.  The car is in Fort Mohave, AZ, very near the Colorado river. I am using the engine, Trans, driveshaft, and wiring harness. Most the rest of the car is available. As an added benefit, I will be traveling on I40 at the first of September to Texas, so if something big is desired, and I40 isn’t a long trip fir you to make, we might be able to arrange an off ramp transaction.

Let me know what you need and I’ll get back to you. According to the previous owner, the car was well optioned, but does not have the original rims. Here are a few pics of what I’ve already removed (dash insert, instrument console, AC Heat unit, radiator with cowl) and I have a tilt wheel, nice hood, hinges, etc. PM me if you would like to talk. Steve
User Rides / Re: Rehabbing an 87 Turbo Coupe
Last post by YoorDaddy -
Wound up going home for lunch, it ran out of gas almost immediately after firing up but everything worked, keyed hot is good, exhaust leak was gone, so let the reassembly begin.
Misc Tech / Air Conditioner R134a conversion
Last post by thunderjet302 -
So waaaay back in 2006 I had all the seals/o rings in my Thunderbird's AC system replaced and the system filled with R12. It lasted till this week. It leaked out, and being that the A/C components are original to the car I'm planning on swapping everything out to new parts and converting to R134a. I'll be grabbing a brand new compressor, all lines, and a new condenser from Rock Auto. I'm just looking for feedback on how well the system changed over to R134a works.
User Rides / Re: Rehabbing an 87 Turbo Coupe
Last post by YoorDaddy -
It's alive.

We swapped to a distributor that does not require an external ignition box.  While dad was stabbing the distributor I made a new line from the regulator to the rear bowl, the previous one was a little tight and as much as this motor moves around it needs a little slack. 

We just ran a jumper wire from the coil to the solenoid instead of tracking down a keyed hot, pressured everything up, and gave it a shot.  It tried to fire almost immediately but wasn't quite catching, adjusted the distributor a bit and boom.  Within about two minutes of fiddling had it idling like a champ.

The items that came out of the first fire up were a small coolant leak at the hoses going to the heater core, dumped coolant out at the radiator because someone forgot to screw that cap on, and a large exhaust leak.  Dad headed out, and I went in for supper.  Afterwards, I pulled the MSD out and traced out the wiring, ran a new wire to where it had picked up the keyed hot and took it to the coil, hooked the tach wire that had been going to the MSD to the negative side, reran and heat shrinked the wires from the distributor to the coil, tightened all the header bolts and checked the collector bolts, and tightened down the coolant line hose clamps.  By the time that was done, it was 930 or 945, so too late to start it back up.

If everything checks out this evening, it'll be time to start putting body panels back on.
User Rides / Re: Rehabbing an 87 Turbo Coupe
Last post by YoorDaddy -
Cranked but did not start.  MSD 6A is DOA.  Made good progress though.

Saturday morning finished connected all the fuel lines and reinstalled the tank.

Unfortunately turned it on and once it pressured up gas came running down from the top of the tank.  Dropped it down, saw it dripping from the supply fitting to the hat, redid the fitting, tried again.  Nope, was actually coming from the hose itself, about 8" up.  That braided ptfe hose was the one that has been on the car since 2012ish, dunno if that piece had been up against something hot (I pulled it off and rerouted everything since not using a sump anymore) or what was going on.  Dug around in the stash and turned out to have a union, so pulled that hose back out (ugh), cut it off, redid the end and built the piece to replace the bad section.

Got it back on, pressured everything up again.  Once it pressured up, carb sprung about 8 different leaks, all the gaskets had gone bad.  At that point had been going 13 hours straight without eating so cleaned everything up and called it a night.

Sunday morning got up, moved all the vehicles out, and spent a couple of hours sweeping, mopping, putting all the tools away from the whole process, sorting through leftover bolts clips etc, and generally organizing everything that's accumulated.

I'd had the false floor out of the trunk to access the fuel pump wiring so got it all put back in and cleaned up.

Then pulled the carburetor off and went over to my dad's to go through it.

Back together.

Had one hiccup with one of the needle valves sticking and gas fountaining up about 4 inches high out of the fuel vent, got that fixed, then the clear sight plugs in the bowls both broke off from age so replaced those, and were ready to give it a shot.

We pulled a valve cover, primed the oil pump, and gave it a shot.  Cranked fine but didn't try to fire.  We played with the distributor, then checked spark and nothing.  Like so many other things, guess sitting hasn't been kind to the MSD. 

Tonight we'll pull it and the MSD distributor and swap to one that doesn't use an external box and give it a shot again.
User Rides / Re: Work In Progress. '88 TC
Last post by Mikey97D -
I got the tank back in the car Friday and everything buttoned up.  So far so good.

I didn't find any cracks in the rubber line on the pump in the tank, but replaced it anyhow for good measure.

Going on vacation in a couple weeks so prepping for that not sure when I will get back into the car for the covers and front spoiler.