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Lounge / The annual "post what you got" thread
Quote from: Thunder Chicken;441966
I wish those small ATV's existed when I was a kid. I wouldn't have gotten one, of course, but it'd have been something to wish for...

Had they existed when I was a kid, I probably wouldn't be here lol.
Lounge / The annual "post what you got" thread
I bought myself a blast cabinet to aide the resto on several cars. I bought my wife a two-man antique saw, and our boys got 110cc ATV's.
User Rides / '87 Mustang
Woah, you got shot???? Hope you get better soon.
User Rides / '87 Mustang
Nice progress so far. I'd recommend installing the horizontal shocks on the car when using the new control arms. Lots of people learned the hard way that wheel hop is intensified when aftermarket control arms are installed.
User Rides / 1997 Called, they want their car back...... my 1986 T-bird build
Still slowly moving along. I scraped the 86 Mustang, it was too far gone. The 91 Hatch will be going to the body shop after the holidays, the 92 Coupe is getting sidelined for a Coyote swap, and I bought a 86 TC from COLD. I'm slowly gathering parts for this project which I've named SR86.
Misc Tech / OK your thoughts on this
Here's my take. Anything sensor related or reading resistance I solder. Everything else gets crimped with heat shrink over the crimp to seal it. And I use a Snap On crimper with a tang that pierces the plastic on the connector.