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Lounge / Just saying
If I could get some stuff finished around the house that I don't own, then yes both of my birds would be in the garage.
User Rides / Blue Bird Meets Black Bird
I'll be taking notes or your dash swap. I haven't had time or room to bring my 86 home and start on mine.
User Rides / 1997 Called, they want their car back...... my 1986 T-bird build
I haven't forgot about this thread, its just been a busy year. I purchased a 1991 Mustang SSP back in May and I'm still picking away at the red Mustang coupe in the back ground of some of these pics. I went by my friend's house where the car is stored yesterday and made sure its good for this fall. I'm hoping to get it home soon and some friends have been talking about renting a shop and splitting the cost. If so, it will at least get closer to home and maybe a little work here and there. Sorry for the anti-climatic update but at least it hasn't been forgotten or scrapped.
Lounge / Who needs 4WD
I've had 3 XJ's and 1 ZJ, I know what you mean.
Lounge / Who needs 4WD
Wow. Those spokes must act like paddles in the mud, lol.
User Rides / 1997 Called, they want their car back...... my 1986 T-bird build
I want to update the interior more than anything just because I hate the window switches on the console. I daily drove on of these for nearly two years and it bugged me so bad. The SN95 dash flows better and has better ergonomics. For me, it fits the theme of the "jet fighter" cockpit too. I'm going to add alot of details to the dash, passenger airbag area, and console.

Thats one of the reasons I want a painless harness as well. I'm not going to use most of the luxury features these cars had (trip comp, oil useage, etc) and I want to do away with the unneeded crap lol. I've been watching your build thread as well and taking some notes myself. I'm fully expecting this car to be near $20-25k in parts by the time I'm done. This is going to take a long time unless I win the lottery lol.

I've been working on the tail lights on and off today, I have a few pics to upload and I'll post later.
User Rides / 1997 Called, they want their car back...... my 1986 T-bird build
Thanks man. I just sent the email with pics to the LED board builder so we'll see what that will run me. I'm going to try to knock out some of this small stuff before the body gets back here. I actually need to make another JY run to grab another SN95 dash. I've decided to go that direction and remove the heater box, firewall, and steering column from a SN95 with some custom touches. I might side track the heater box for a vintage air setup, but we'll see what the budget looks like.
User Rides / 1997 Called, they want their car back...... my 1986 T-bird build
A little update on this project. We have a neighbor causing problems and I've moved my 91 Hatch and this 86 to a friend's house for the winter while I make some room here. I did empty all the parts out before the move and I'd like to make a little bit of progress. I started a thread about it over on which is dominated by old Camaros, Firebirds, and Mustangs. There are some oddball projects and this is one of them lol.

One of the things I'd like to do is bring the lighting into the 21st century. LED's all the way around including the headlights. I started working on a set of tail lights to remove the difuser from the inside of the lens to make it look updated. I also know from experience the sealant that holds the lens on will fail so this is a good time to replace it.

Difuser out, but not in one piece.

I already like where this is going

The plan is to add LED light boards to the housing so I'm not concerned with the "reflective" part of the housing. I do want to smooth out the textured part above the lens so I started with 220 grit sand paper to remove the grain.

Added some primer and saw I have a few low areas to work on.

While that was drying I wanted to polish the lens and remove the casting numbers and mold lines and get them ready for a tinted clearcoat.

Taped off the emblem

I used a 3m 500 grit 3" disc on a cordless drill. I quickly found a low spot in the lens.

And I got it smoothed out.

Next step is to hit it with 800 grit, then clear with some slightly tinted clear coat.