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Lounge / Re: True Story
roflmao!!!!!! those silly brits. bloody hilarious. XD
User Rides / Re: My custom '85 Cougar
nice! ^_^ i can't really tell what kinda wheels those are tho.

i wanna go to catjam!!! gosh darnit!
Suspension/Steering / Re: Favorite tire
I have Sumitomo HTR+. i love em. for the first time in my life i have traction in the rain. XD
235/45 front/255/17 rear. WR speed rating.

they are under a $100 each, the best deal on my car yet. as for wear i can't tell you... it took me a week to get to the alignment shop and thet already had shown wear but they've been pretty good since.
Drivetrain Tech / C4 Rebuild.
Can someone please point me in the direction of any C-4 trans rebuild sites. Or at least tell me what i should be looking for in terms of wear. I have a basic understanding of how everything works, except for that metal brain. Though a couple of weeks ago i'd dare not touched the thing. Planetary whaaa??? O_o? Servos? Bands?

My fingers were itching to get dirty so i started taking it apart. (it's a problem i've had since childhood) and i got down to the ring gear when i realize that maaybe i should make sure that i can put it back together and find out what i should be looking for. Besides all the pretty metal thingies. lol. I've never really had a problem putting stuff back together though... unless it's the interior of a car then don't call me.

I don't remember the exact year but it's a mid 70's, pan fill, C-4 i believe.

I do plan on buying a rebuild/upgrade kit and a new torque converter but i'm just checking all my bases. any suggestions would be helpful too. ^^ thanks!