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Engine Tech / 5.0 87 tbird oil burning
Got a question, i have a 5.0 tbird with 90k miles all original, at times i get blue smoke, other times i dont.  Could it most likely be leaky valve guides or could it be piston oil ring issue
Suspension/Steering / Re: Master cylinder verification
Rock auto had the master cyl and booster available, i purchased it, plus i make my own brake lines, i have a donor 98 mustang gt, i will try the stock combo valve on that first since im using stock brakes, if i dont like it, ive used cpp adj proportioning valves before on a 65 mercury comet i had, on that i had quad piston brakes on the front and stock drums on the rear with no booster and could lock up all 4 wheels
Suspension/Steering / Master cylinder verification
From what i read, for a pbr dual piston brakes and rear disc sn95 setup on a tbird, i need to get a master cylinder for a 93 cobra with a brake booster.  Am i correct, and is there alternative master and booster combo that could work
Suspension/Steering / Re: 1998 sn95 Spindles on 87 tbird 5.0
I really appreciate the info, the forum has been acting funky on me lately, i got most of my info in searches in pieces.  You verifying and summing it all up helps.  It is 400 dollars on ebay for 94 95 spindles, if i was to use a combination of both offset bushings and tappered bumpsteer tie rods, would i position the rack lower or raise the rack?  Since i already have 98 spindles might as well use them
Suspension/Steering / Re: 1998 sn95 Spindles on 87 tbird 5.0
i noticed the inner tie rods on a 98 mustang are 1.75 inches longer than 87 thunderbird.  do i need to swap the inner tie rods and purchase a bumpsteer tie rod kit that works for a 98 mustang, or do i keep the old inner tie rods and get a bump steer kit that fits the 87 thunderbird inners?
 i know i need to get maximum motorsports camber caster plates
Lounge / Having Forum issues
Im having an issue with the forum, it keeps going back and forth with a text only format, i cleared the cache and history, still didnt work, any ideas?
Suspension/Steering / 1998 sn95 Spindles on 87 tbird 5.0
I have sn95 mustang gt i bought for parts, i am rebuilding the axle and replacing the ring pinion with 3.27 ford trac lock, taking the 4r70w and putting the wide ratio gears in my AOD in the tbird.   my concern is fitment of the 98 SN95 spindles, is there anything i need to modify, do i need to put the control arms from the sn95 in the tbird, should i replace the steering rack with the sn95.   im not sure if there is going to be significant changes in angles that require more than just replacing the spindles.  Your help is most appreciated!!

engine still thinking what to do, i am thinking going cheap streetable, gt40p heads with gt40/explorer intake and a 270 grind roller cam, looking for a good torque curve between 1800rpm to 5800rpm
Drivetrain Tech / Re: 87 7.5inch to 8.8 inch swap
I bought a side damaged 98 sn95 gt for 400 bucks, spindles and axles are great shape, is there anything i need to know about swapping the frond spindles from a 98 mustang gt to my 87 tbird
Drivetrain Tech / 87 7.5inch to 8.8 inch swap
I want to swap the axle assembly on my 87 5.0 tbird from a 7.5 to an 8.8.

i keep reading about people changing axles themselves so they can get a 5 lug pattern, but
i want to change mine completely to a 8.8 and was wondering if a sn95 axle assembly bolts in or
is there any mods that need to be done.

i know the brakes will be different.