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User Rides / Re: Work In Progress.
The B-pillars were driving me nuts with the paint flaking off.  I didn't do the best job but rattle canned some paint on them for the time being so I don't twitch anymore.

I've put about 3000 miles on it this summer and just did another oil change.  I need to get it in for an alignment since the front tires are showing some outside wear.  Slowly collecting parts to update the brakes and rear suspension.  there's a new noise in the front so might be working on the front too.

I went to a car show in Prospect, CT Sunday.  Over 500 cars there.  I was the only Fox body Thunderbird there.
Other Vehicles / Re: '16 F150

I really like the 04-08's. The 09-14's kinda turned me off. But the 15+ they really sharpened them up. And that's a great shade of blue.
My previous daily vehicles (2) were white.  I needed a change bad and couldn't resist my favorite color.
I checked around with some online friends, some of which work at Ford, and they said 16+ newer were good.  Not that '15 was bad but it was a first year model and had some problems as they all do (every brand).
Today, I turn in my leased '16 Sierra.  It has been a good truck but a few things had me wondering.  I am sure it will treat someone else well. 
Other Vehicles / Re: '16 F150
Sorry I didn't mean to start the debate on warm up of vehicles.  Next should I ask what kind of oil to use?  LOL

I am lazy and don't like to scrape the windows in the morning during the winter/cold months.  I just use the starter when I walk out the door of the house so it might run 1 minute during the summer before I start driving.
Other Vehicles / Re: '16 F150
That sounds like  great mileage to me!  My 06 Silverado 6.0 is a gas eater!
But it has torque!!!
I do notice the 5.0 in this compared to the 5.3 in my old truck has a little less torque down low so it needs to downshift earlier.
Traffic was bad last night and I got stuck in standstill too.  Dropped down to 17.9 mpg and now with the ride back to work it is at 19.2 at mid 90 some miles.  If I did out by hand I am certain it would be lower since I have been using the remote starter to warm it up.
Other Vehicles / Re: '16 F150
Did the commute into work with it today about 35 miles at 19.1 mpg.  Really good and about the same as my GMC Sierra 5.3L with cylinder deactivation.  Impressive.