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Suspension/Steering / Re: '88 Turbo Coupe optimizing the stock brakes?
Couple questions on the braided brakes lines that I hope between TBird232ci and Mr. Hidley can help me on.

The front brake lines hex that is supposed to go through the bracket does not fit on the MM lines.  Suggestions?  The original hex on the hose line was .635" versus the larger MM hex size.  I did try rotating it a few times to see if there was a spot with the lower flat that would go, but no luck.  Thinking maybe safety wire it down using the retaining ring groove after assembled with a few steering wheel cycles (left-right).

The rear brake line hits the bracket for the quad shock bracket.  I was thinking of bending the MM bracket so the hose doesn't rub.  Good or bad idea?
Suspension/Steering / Re: Front suspension rebuild
I want to follow along to hear what others say.  I have read but don't have experience that the SN95 ball joints are better but longer.  Not sure if they will work with the '86 control arms.  I wonder if you could replace your control arms with SN95 also?
User Rides / Re: Work In Progress. '88 TC
Looks good Mike. Keep on plugging away and you’ll be boostin’ before you know it!
Rick, it seems like it is taking forever.  Thank you for the kind words.

Motor is together other than I need to reconnect the oil return line and brace.  Unfortunately I need to pull the starter to get my arm up in there to align everything and hold the gasket in place.  Then fill the coolant and do an oil change.

While sulking about pulling the starter off,  I pulled the brakes off to prep.  Just need to pull the rubber brake lines off next.  Getting the rear rotors cut and had to order new front rotors which should be in tomorrow.

User Rides / Re: Chuck's '83 TBird
How is that insert being attached to the bar?  I see a chamfer, welded?  Will you be running a tap through it afterward?
Drivetrain Tech / Re: Really Good Videos on Tearing Down and Rebuilding a T5
Thanks for putting this together.  I have an unknown T5 on floor here and have played around with the idea of going through it.  Unfortunately/fortunately, I am still busy with work even with the "slow down" and working from home.

Any chance you might make this thread a tear down thread of your T5?
User Rides / Re: Work In Progress.
Mike's Engine Shop in Naugatuck rebuilt the head for me quick.  No cracks, new valve seats and seals were needed.  He had it done within 5 days for me.  Last Sunday we got the head back on the motor.  I also tried the high temp crinkle paint on the upper intake and valve cover.  I used high temp clear on the sanded parts.  Not perfect but looks better than it did. 

I need to bend up a lower coolant line before putting the turbo/exhaust manifold back on.  Unfortunately I broke the inside plastic timing belt cover when putting the head on.  I'll need to do the string method to double check the belt timing.  I have not started on the brakes yet other than getting the car up on jackstands.
Engine Tech / Re: Aeromotive Fuel Pump
Just me but why not run a Walbro?  They have a 350 lph pump and it fits a Fox Mustang hanger so my assumption is it will fit the Bird/Cougar hangers?
No reason other than I read the Automotive Stealth was very quiet compared to the Walbro.  The 255 lph Walbro would be fine for my car. 
Can you hear the Walbro in your cars when you turn it on?  How loud are they?