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Body/Appearance/Interior / Re: Seat Covers
I doubt this is what you are looking for in seat covers.  I covered my seats so I didn't have to worry about trashing them when drinking my coffee.  These are from Advanced Auto.
At The Track / Re: NEW SHIRT.
Nice shirt and that is a great shot of the Comet with the wheels off the ground.
User Rides / Re: Work In Progress.
Wheel stickers are on!

I pretty much spent my budget for the year on the car.  I am going to paint the b-pillars over soon.
User Rides / Re: BlueBird
I am looking forward to where this twist leads.

A while back I saw a Maverick in a magazine where they installed a 300ci straight six with a turbo.  Some straight six goodness.
User Rides / Re: 85 bird
Wow, that is a clean looking car.  What is the story with the Queen of Clubs on the dash speaker grill?
Misc Tech / Re: Rear Underbody Resto/Gas Tank Install
Did you have to eliminate the emergency brake crossbar to put the frame connectors in?

I just had to put spacers on my crossbar to fit the exhaust in without it rubbing (Stinger 3").