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Engine Tech / 2.3L Wastegate / Turbo spring modification?
My Father and Step mother were the previous owners of my '88 TC.  My father had a mechanic change the cam to a roller setup and later I found out he also modified the car to create more boost.  He also turned the boost alarm off.

I took ownership of the car last January and got it running again.  Stuck fuel injectors and other odds n ends to get it running fairly well.  I replaced vacuum lines that were dry rotted, etc.

I wanted to adjust the turbo pressure so I purchased a Gilles Valve from all the recommendations I have read.  This is when I found out the someone had mickey moused the turbo setup.  Right now I have the no spring or ball in the valve and it produces 18 psig boost.  I have checked for a vacuum leak and have not found any (Not that there isn't any, but I have not found any).  I placed a vacuum gauge on it in the summer and the vacuum sits between 14 & 15 psi depending on the idle.  The idle does vary sometimes as if a module is adjusting the rpm.

The idle does hang sometimes when I push the clutch in and other times it does not.  I have not figured out what causes this.

It appears I my commuter car may be taking its last breathe and until I find a replacement the Thunderbird may have to fill the slot for a time.  At this point in time with the turbo set the way it is the car is a handful in the rain.  It hits like a '70s era 2 stroke dirt bike.  All off or on in the power band.  I would like to turn the boost down. 

I hate the thought of exposing the car to this salt brine they put on the roads, but......
User Rides / Work In Progress.
Quote from: Tbird232ci;468063
That's my favorite color combo for these cars. Same color as my first TC, but I had red leather. Looks like a very nice car.

Thank you!
User Rides / Work In Progress.
I put my car away for the winter.  Unfortunately it stays outside since I don't have the garage space.  I put a tarp under it and it has a mild slope so hopefully the water runs off plus put the car cover on it.  Also used a gas stabilizer when topping the fuel off.  I should pull the battery and put it on a tender.

I put roughly  1k miles on it this summer and didn't do much else other than get it cleaned up.  I did remove the rear seat to fix a seat belt so the kiddos could ride in it.
I did battle the cigar smell in the car and I think I've gotten the upper hand on it finally.  I found on Amazon this stuff:  Dakota OBNA-5 Bomb/Car Odor Eliminator Neutral Air
So far the Dakota OBNA-5 car bomb seems to have eliminated the smell.  We'll see if I need to do it again in the spring after being closed up.

Things that need to be done this winter is a clutch and exhaust.  Will wait until after the holidays.
Electrical Tech / 87/88 EFI to Carb. Read before judging.
I don't have any input but want to follow along on what you discover.  What EFI are you going to use?  Does that manufacturer have any suggestions?

Someone on here had a link in their signature with the factory manual for our year cars.  Not sure if it was TC only but may be worth hunting for.
User Rides / Moon's workin on stuff thread
Thanks for the update and glad you figured a way to clean any other sludge out.  Good to not hear the lifter ticks anymore.
User Rides / Moon's workin on stuff thread
Quote from: Moonmount;467867
Im replacing them I usually take them apart and clean them while watching my shows, but these are completely seized. How would you recommend cleaning the lifter oil passages?
Unfortunately I have no idea, but if the lifters are all caked up I would guess those oil passages are not too clear either.
User Rides / Moon's workin on stuff thread
IMO - I would replace them.  The springs may be sacked at this point and if any other sludge is stuck in them it may not allow them to pump up.  Have you checked the lifter oil passages if they are caked up too?
User Rides / tc² Goes Full Circle Photo Dump
Nice find!  I really like that interior.

Not sure on the gold wheels though.  There isn't anything else gold on the car is there?
User Rides / Moon's workin on stuff thread
The lifter valley doesn't look too bad.  Obviously like you said the lifters need help.

The worst I had ever seen was on my '79 Bird with a 302.  I removed the intake and there was an impression of the intake bottom in the sludge.  Never seen any ting like it or anything like it again.  I was amazed not in a good way.
Engine Tech / Replacing Intake, throttle body- questions?
Quote from: tommym;467794
The gas tank I used was from Rock Auto, looks just like the original, pretty sturdy.

 Fuel Tank- $134
              Spectra Premium, F23C

  I'm using a AutoMeter fuel gauge and the sending unit is,

  Fuel Tank Sending Unit- $103
              Tanks, Inc, T-ORG-06, 73-10 ohm, 6”
Thank you for the info on the sending unit and gauge you are using.  Enjoying the pictures you are posting up on Facebook too.
Lounge / So what can we do...
Quote from: EricCoolCats;467778
Looks like everything has propagated and is stable now. So this is the new, permanent server for the site and it does seem like things are running a bit quicker. So far so good...the admins are pretty happy with it. Hopefully all of your are, as well.

If you would like to donate...
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Expenses will cover hosting for multiple years and time for the switchovers.
Thanks guys, y'all are a great bunch and we really appreciate your patience.

Don't worry...we'll have a cool solution that is natively set up for mobile. Will let everyone know when it's about to go live.
Thank you! 
You should see a donation from me via Paypal.  Please let me know if you don't.