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User Rides / Re: Work In Progress. '88 TC
The local Foxbody club setup a dyno day that I brought the Thunderbird to that they ran a sniffer in the exhaust so I could see the AFR number.  Between the 2 runs the AFR stayed at 12:1.
Made 189.74 HP at 5360 RPM and 226.54 ft-lbs of torque at 3570 RPM.  82°F & 52% Humidity
Considering that no big changes have been done to the engine not to shabby at the rear wheels.
Lounge / Re: Car insurance for rarely driven vehicles?
I went with Haggerty collector insurance on my car covering it for $5k.  It is around $200 a year and limited to 5k miles per year with a bunch of other rules applied.  You can list all your modifications to the car and they will be covered.

Although not a cost savings versus what you are doing, this insurance is full coverage versus just liability.
Show Photos / Re: Foxbody Club of Connecticut Cruise 5/24
Looks fun!  Wish we had one in the KC area.
At the car shows here the Mopar club has been showing up in force with a bunch of LX/LC chassis cars for the past few years.  A group of guys with the Mustangs watching decided they wanted to do the same and started a Facebook group.  they are even sponsoring a car show this year.  If you have the time and passion, I am sure you could start up the same. 
Show Photos / Foxbody Club of Connecticut Cruise 5/24
My son and I attended the Foxbody Club of Connecticut cruise this past Sunday. 
All the cars there were Mustang/Capri's with one LTD Station Wagon and then us in the TC.

User Rides / Re: Starting fresh
Like I said on FB,  Holy Cowl !!!  You need to pack a tunnel ram or blower under there now cause you got the space.

What is that a 6" cowl?

Coming along nice from the looks of it.
Engine Tech / Re: Vacuum Hose Adapter
Thank you both!

Chuck, that is perfect and thank you for the tip on the superglue.  That should definitely stop it from slipping out under pressure.
Engine Tech / Vacuum Hose Adapter
I have been chasing vacuum leaks and a smoke machine was a real saver. 

There is a rubber adapter that connects the boost gauge hose to the vacuum that is very dry rotted on my car.  I need to replace it and unable to visit the autopart stores as of right now.
Anyone replace this before?  I have searched around online, but I think my vocabulary for the search is incorrect.
I have temporarily safety wired it in place.  I am going to need it for the hose that runs to the HVAC and EGR controller too.

Or is there a better way to go about this than replacing that adapter?


Drivetrain Tech / Re: 88 Turbocoupe no crank
I think the rule of thumb is 9-10 volts across the battery when cranking.  Don't quote me on that.

Any possibility you could try jump starting it from another car running?  I've had my jumper box not put enough juice out before and before trying to get that starter out it might be worth a try.  That starter is not in a fun reachable place.
User Rides / Re: Work In Progress. '88 TC
Well, if the tube from the block vent is just going to the catch can, you've basically taken out the beneficial component of the PCV system.  Yeah, you're not pushing boost pressure into the crankcase now (getting past the factory check-valve), but you're also not pulling any vacuum on it, either.
After doing this experiment I am not sure boost was getting past the valve,  I am thinking putting this portion back to stock and putting the valve cover breather to the catch can.

When you're coming to a stop, the puff of smoke is what the engine would naturally draw back into the combustion chamber when you let off of the gas, and the system starts pulling vacuum. Heat, oil aeration, etc cause a rise in pressure in the crankcase. That would cause your puff of smoke.
That's probably also what's causing oil to seep past the seal on your oil cap. How is the o-ring/seal on that cap?
The seal on the bottom of the cap is a hard rubber almost felt feeling pad on the bottom of the cap.  Me over tightening he cap is using the threads compressed to seal rather than the rubber alone.

What did you do with the fitting off of the valve cover?
I left that alone.  That line goes in between the VAM and Turbo.  I am contemplating running that line to the catch can in place of the crankcase vent as I have it set now.

User Rides / Re: Work In Progress. '88 TC
Yesterday I spent some time adjusting multiple things.  I also bought a cheap oil catch can off Amazon that was delivered Tuesday.  I don't care for catch cans and the smell but this is temporary to help me diagnosis what is going on.

I plugged the vacuum line off the intake that went to the one way valve for the crankcase and put the catch can in its place.  I also tighten down my coupling into and out of the intercooler because the clamps were not tight enough and I was losing boost.  I got the boost back and adjusted the boost controller several times to get where I want it (17 psi).  I noticed I was still getting oil on the valve cover around the cap.  The oil cap has a self limiting tighten so I took a Channel lock to force it to tighten slightly more.  No more oil coming out of the cap. 

At a couple stop signs I did get a big puff of smoke from the catch can.  Not consistent at every stop but enough to make me say "Whoa where did that come from?"

The car is running very well otherwise.  Handling is improved and pleasant to drive.  I need to check the timing again maybe over the weekend.