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Body/Appearance/Interior / Re: Paint on moldings
That's because moldings are a paint shop's worst nightmare. To do the job right they should be removed...but that severely warps the aluminum strips that keep the molding straight. Then the shop workers have to get the adhesive off the door---another messy, tedious, miserable job. Ditto for getting the adhesive off the moldings. Then they have to scuff up the molding, which with our cars, can be very time-consuming. After prep and paint, they can do reinstallation while hopefully getting the molding on straight and fixing/eliminating the aluminum strips. Keeping track of 10 pieces of molding is something a lot of shops simply don't want to do.

It's also a well-known fact that body shops only use flex additive in the clearcoat when absolutely necessary. I would guess at least half the time (if not more), they don't put the additive in the paint for bumper covers. It's a "cost-saving" thing for them, when in reality it really doesn't save much money at all, and there's always the chance a customer will get cracks and need repairs. I've seen this done many times.

So, to answser your questions, you CAN get them painted. The paint WILL stick if the surface is prepped correctly. They can paint the moldings on the car too, without removal, if that makes things easier. And as long as you insist on them putting the flex additive in the clearcoat, then you shouldn't have any cracking or chipping problems. Just remember that molding=labor, and that's what they'll charge you for.
Misc Tech / Re: Figured I'd move this over here (bad hesitation)
Yes and no. Fuel system (pump, injectors, FPR, pressure) tested fine. However, my EVP tested bad so I got a new one installed...problem still exists. This weekend I'm changing the idle bypass valve, TAB and TAD sensors. It feels like an emissions problem....maybe something not opening or closing properly. If that's the case then what I'm doing should show an improvement, if not solve the problem. I'll report any progress when I get it.
Lounge / Re: This Board Does it TOO!!!
I'm trying to dig into it for ya Jim. At first glance it doesn't seem like there's an admin control on that time limit, unless Carm has found something I don't know about.
Body/Appearance/Interior / Re: Question for Crystal
Back on subject....I would recommend SEM interior paint as well. Just used it on my dash top for my '88 Blue Max and it works incredibly. You can find it at good auto paint stores in spray cans. I think there are about 30 colors to choose from including black. It works on just about everything too (carpeting, hard plastic, flexible plastic, etc.).

I have used Molecubond on the convertible in the past and generally like it. But it seems as if they've gone through some type of product change; it's called ColorBond now. Wal-Mart doesn't seem to carry it anymore. There's info here: . But after using the SEM paint and know that it's generally more available, I'd recommend that first.

Hardest part is prepping the surface: Simple Green or even lacquer thinner to clean first, then a light scuffing with a red Scotch-Brite pad, and a final wiping with rubbing alcohol, and you're ready to spray immediately.
Archive & Library (Read Only) / Re: Springs,... Who Has What with Pix
1988 Turbo Coupe springs up front...dropped the car over an inch, probably more. About 1.5 fingers between the top of the tire and the fender lip.

Out back I'm still running my 10-year-old Moog cargo coils. God bless 'em.

Obviously the car has a rake but that's what I wanted.
Lounge / Re: Layout, Colors, Fonts, etc.
K, I reduced the width of the advanced reply box from 540 to 480 pixels...see if that helps. I did experience it myself...thinking it may be because everything is centered and not left justified.
Drivetrain Tech / Re: no 3-4 shift
No, WOT is cut out for a 3-4 shift on a factory AOD. Only way to eliminate that is via a shift kit.
General Computer Forum / Re: Whats your OS?
Quote from: Seek
heh, in elementary we had some of those really early, new Macs. They recommended we save every 5 minutes and even then we didn't make it to 5 minutes half the time. I have a grudge to get over.

Ah, OS 9. Yeah, the old OS was pretty flaky, although it was usually better than a comparable Windoze version at the time. OS X changed all of's extremely stable, no crashes, and a very sophisticated OS now. You'd be surprised at how much it functions like XP.

New Mac sales = 3-5% on average.
Installed base of Macs = 10% or more. There's many more out there than you think.

BTW, OS X 10.3.5 on all 4 of my computers.
Past Cat Jam Threads / Re: Help with Cat Jam
I will have some info next month on my site (and here) as far as volunteering for Cat Jam. There have already been quite a few people willing to help out and I appreciate that. We just need to organize them a bit.

I'd love to have another show out west...unfortunately I have no means of doing so. However, there just might be two shows in '05. ;)
Lounge / Re: You asked for it (new smilies)
Quote from: Thunder Chicken
I'm sure Eric would be happy too, but you never know - after all, he is a Mac person :rolleyes: , which is almost as bad as a ricer :rice:.

Ah, ya left the door wide open for that one Carm. But I'm too happy working on my virus-free, spyware-free, pop-up free, crash-free Mac to give it back to ya.



Ah, what the hell. You only live once.