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Lounge / Re: Layout, Colors, Fonts, etc.
Cool. I think we have to physically subscribe to/upload different themes that users can choose...have to look into that. But for the default, at least, it seems like something should be setting this board apart. A dark theme is always spiffy. :)
Body/Appearance/Interior / Re: Interior color question
Smoke Grey is a medium grey on Fords. It's got a yellowish cast to it; in other words, it's a warm grey, not a cool (bluish) grey.

The 1985-88 TC's had a Raven interior option (so did the 1985-86 XR7's, for that matter) that combined a dark charcoal with Smoke Grey on the seats. I think there was a dark charcoal full interior option for them though. The NATO board would have more info (
Lounge / Layout, Colors, Fonts, etc.
OK, I think I have the appropriately dismal colors back. :) Been thinking about maybe upgrading the buttons and stuff later on.

Does anyone have suggestions or comments as to the layout colors, font colors, font face, etc.? We went through this a few years ago with the old board, and EZ was not really as flexible with making changes, just basic stuff really, so I did the best I could. Here we can do just about anything. Would anyone object to, say, a dark colored layout with lighter colored text? Or do you like the grey/blue scheme?

Basically I just want to get a feel for what YOU'D like to see when viewing the board. Keep in mind that not everyone will share your opinion. But I feel if enough people are saying the same thing, we should act upon it. Right now this board is barely removed from the stock configuration, so it looks like every other VBulletin board (coughcoughcougarnutscoughcough). And you know how much we hate to have things stock. ;) If you want one of us chief mechanics to tinker under the hood, so to speak, let us know here.
Lounge / Re: New addition to the marketplace forum?
The NATO board has a separate section for vendors/sellers....I like that idea, although I think just from the title of a thread, you can convey whether or not a transaction was good or bad (i.e. "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" symbol). Then inside you could post your experiences. If that works for ya, Zach, we'll get it going.

But until you promise to have my firstborn kid, namin' the board after ya ain't happening. ;)
General Computer Forum / Re: How fast is your computer?
My workhorse--not bad for a 2+ year old machine:
Mac G4 Quicksilver 867MHz SP
Pioneer DVR-107 8x DVD-R/CD-R/CD-RW Superdrive
120 GB HD
Nvidia GeForce 4 32MB AGP (Mac edition, dual monitor support)
1.12 GB RAM
Miglia Alchemy TV card with DVR software
Motorola 802.11g wireless card
Bluetooth USB dongle
Planar 20" LCD monitor
Viewsonic 19" CRT monitor
Epson C84 printer (networked)
Microtek Scanmaker 5900 USB scanner
LaCie Porsche Edition 160 GB Firewire backup drive
LaCie Porsche Edition 52x CD-RW Firewire external drive
Kensington Mouse Pro 11-button trackball mouse
Altec Lansing speakers
Hooked to an AirPort Extreme wireless base station
OS X (10.3.5)

Mobile--all stock:
15" G4 Powerbook 1.25 GHz
512 MB RAM
80 GB HD
ATI 64MB video card
Matshita DVD 4x Superdrive (slot-loading)
802.11g & Bluetooth built in
OS X (10.3.5)

My audio recording station....5+ years old and still going strong:
Mac G4 350MHz (Yikes)
Pioneer DVR-105 2x Superdrive
896 MB RAM
2 - 40GB HD's
ATI 32 MB PCI video card (dual monitor support)
Miglia Alchemy TV card with DVR software
Motorola 802.11g wireless card
Adaptec SCSI card
Viewsonic 21" CRT monitor
Epson C80 printer
UMAX Astra 600S SCSI scanner
Mitsubishi linear-tracking turntable
Hooked to an AirPort Extreme wireless base station
OS X (10.3.5)