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T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars WANTED / Re: 87/88 T-Bird Mirrors
Was I correct when I mentioned that the '87/'88 mirrors will bolt right onto an '86?  Or does something have to be removed?  Is each mirror in 2 pieces (seems like there's a 'splitter' on your mirrors that mine doesn't have).  Thanks again.

The splitters need removed. You should be able to then take the screws out of the splitters, and put those in the mirror housings to mount up like normal.

All the mirror info you'd ever want is here:
Lounge / Re: Having Forum issues
Yeah, that sounds like the issue.

We're having a little difficulty getting the site moved over to secure for some unknown reason. SSL is in place but nothing resolves correctly. We'll eventually get it fixed. For now, the non-secure URL will work just fine.
General Fox T-Bird/Cougar Discussion / Re: Cracked my windsheild
Ooooohhhh, that sucks man. Sorry.

I did that once, trying to remove the chrome A-pillar trim from my first '84. It was stuck on the windshield really tightly so I pulled hard and put an instant crack on the driver's side edge. Wouldn't have cared but I was selling the car at the time. The eventual buyer insisted that it be replaced. So $150 for a new windshield, for a car that I wasn't even keeping. D'oh! 

User Rides / Re: Chuck's '83 TBird
Great solution for the light holders, Chuck. I took tin snips to mine, wasn't as elegant but it worked (and I filed down the edges). But what you did is so much better. That fuse solution is pretty awesome as well. Nice progress!
Lounge / Re: Welcome To The New Board!
Hang on a tick...I just noticed something that should really help with searching.

If you click on the 'Search' button at the top, you go to the full search page. Down at the bottom is a bar with text inside..."Choose a board to search in, or search all". By default that bar is collapsed. Click on the arrow on the far right side of the bar (or click on that text, because it is hot-linked), and you get ALL kinds of options for where to search. You can narrow it down to just one particular forum, or search a few of them, or tick a box and search all of them.

That should greatly help! I'm gonna see if we can make that section uncollapsed at the bottom so people can see it every time.
Lounge / Re: Welcome To The New Board!
From what I'm reading about the search function for this system, the lack of granular details is universal, so it's not just us. The devs are supposed to be refining it for a future release. There is no plug-in right now to help, and there are no buttons to click to make the search function more extensible (wish it was that easy).

Our indexing of the site is finally done now, so hopefully that helps a bit. Searches should be more precise and a lot quicker since everything is catalogued now. At the very least, the majority of the issues that plagued the old vBulletin search function are gone now. It's just the fine details that need tweaked. We'll get there eventually.

Oh, almost forgot...the colored squares under your avatar denote which group you belong to. Admins are red, mods are blue, everyone else is yellow. There seems to be a threshold for the number of squares (1 for a n00b, three for x number of posts, then 5 for over x many posts). I have not found a way to convert those to actual post count numbers. Even custom themes don't have that option. You can browse someone's profile to see their actual post number, though. They carried over from the old board and picked right back up here.
Lounge / Re: Welcome To The New Board!
So there used to be a User CP where I could go back and see a list of all the threads I started.  Can someone walk me through how to do that in this new layout?

Yep...go to your profile (upper right, "My Account"). Then go to Forum Profile. On that page you will see, toward the upper left, a button called Profile that. Under it is a tab titled "Recent Activity". I don't know why it's so buried. It is doubtful we can place that somewhere else. But it does look like what was on the old board, at least.
General Fox T-Bird/Cougar Discussion / Re: The new Fox T-Bird/Cougar Messageboard Commandments. PLEASE READ
Tweaked the layout a bit today. The full search is now on a button as requested. Right now that button isn't showing up on a mobile width so I'll try to fix that. Until/if it's fixed, we'll keep the quick search in the upper right as a backup for mobile viewing.

The post count thing...I've not found a setting to change that yet. Will keep hunting. It's a head scratcher for sure.
General Fox T-Bird/Cougar Discussion / Re: The new Fox T-Bird/Cougar Messageboard Commandments. PLEASE READ
Any chance the search function can be made more advanced?  Hate to say it but it is no where near as robust as the old search function.  Also, locating the search function under the "Community" button is not intuitive.  Can it be moved out from underneath that button and have its own button next to "New Replies"?

Also, what happened to our post count?  Is the battery charge status under my avatar supposed to take place of it?

Otherwise great job and the overhaul was well worth all the efforts, great job!!

K, there is a generic search in the upper righthand corner of most themes, and that's a lot more convenient. We're doing an indexing right now of all will take awhile (maybe a day or more) but afterwards the searches should be MUCH more precise and quicker as well.

The 'search' under the Community tab is the in-depth search. I am uncertain as to the extent that it can be customized. Will try to move it out on its own, if possible.

The post count might be a theme thing. Let me dive into that.
Lounge / Re: Welcome To The New Board!
Sig sizes, character count, etc. have just been tweaked a bit which should help. There is still a cap on height because otherwise the page will get crazy cluttered and scroll down a lot more than necessary. We’re doing what we can to accommodate ya.
Lounge / Re: Welcome To The New Board!
i have an ongoing resto project in engine swapping.. 5 years of the pictures are not showing up.

,,i am going to look back over post 1 again to double check but do i assume all of these pics are now gone?

update,,, so  i assume you all are still working on older images to translate over to this platform??

Alex is working on a way to translate the old attachments to the new format. There are no scripts to automatically do that so it may take some time. We are absolutely committed to returning all of the old images.

As for the attached images...there is some back-end control of how they display. Just tweaked some things, let me know if that’s better. There have been very few attachments since the new layout debuted so we haven’t had much of a metric to evaluate them.
Lounge / Re: Welcome To The New Board!
Quick update...the old emojis are back in place and cleaned up a bit. We know you missed the two bananas banging. :toothless: :nannerbang:

Also there's a new all-grey theme available. To select it, in the upper righthand corner of any page, go to

My Account > Look and Layout

and next to Current Theme, click the 'Change Theme' button.

Then under Select Variant, choose Grey, then click the 'Use this theme' button.

In the future I'm hoping to clean up the theme naming system a bit, and also make it a bit easier to swap out themes on the user end. Also in the works is a true all dark theme that's going to take considerable time to create and troubleshoot. But at least now, if you don't like our happy 80's default theme, you can go a bit more emo. ;)