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Electrical Tech / Re: Need help tracking down a wire.
@softtouch, in the Quick Reply below, click the 'Preview' button. It will take you to a new page where you can reply and also add images at the bottom. The board software will add the image(s) inline.
Body/Appearance/Interior / Re: Seat Covers
For some people it might work, especially if they're doing a color change. And having them pre-made saves a little money. Just throwing it out there as an option.

To get a truer color match then upholstery shops are the way to go but they'll be more money in most cases. And that's if they can get a close enough color...I ran into that a few times. There was only one light blue headliner color the shop had for my '84; I got lucky as it was dead-on to the original. Color selection for older cars is getting homogenized now.
Suspension/Steering / Re: NEW 10 hole wheels
Yeah, radio delete. It's been a minute since I've seen an actual antenna delete plate like that.

The T-Bird...they're from Illinois, not sure if they're on the board or FB (Loren Peterson). The previous owner did all kinds of mods, like filled in some of the body seams--including the rear quarter panel-to-roof seam. Yeah, it flexed and the seam was popping a little bit. I was like, "That dude had some balls of steel!" Otherwise it was clean and still had most of the unique '83 bits. Actually all the cars under the Fox featured tent were in great shape, very friendly owners, we had a good time.
Suspension/Steering / Re: NEW 10 hole wheels
I saw the Keystone-refinished rims and repro Goodyear Gatorback VR's on a car last weekend at Carlisle; it was a 35K-mile original 1986 Mustang GT in awesome shape. He paid a LOT of money to be factory correct.

You know something? It was worth every penny. Looked like a brand-new car thanks to the correct factory rims and tires. I mean, it was a true back-in-the-day experience.

For a daily driver this rim/tire combo makes zero sense. But for show cars...YASSS QUEEN.  :roxor:
Misc Tech / Re: R134 with HR980 Compressor
That’s what I was leaning towards as well. Everything but the evap core is getting replaced anyway. I just need to know beforehand, which compressor and setup I need so I don’t start collecting the wrong parts. Keeping what I have makes things a lot more straightforward.

In the future I’ll probably start collecting parts for an alternate compressor in case I ever need to go this route again. Running R134 would be pretty awesome. But for now the stock setup can definitely work since the compressor is new and on hand.

Thanks man, always appreciate your insight with this sort of thing.
Misc Tech / Re: R134 with HR980 Compressor
Well what I'm saying is...I have an NOS HR980 compressor that would be sweet to use. The current (old) one is leaking big time. But from what I'm reading the R134 conversion doesn't last long with that compressor because it's not built to handle the higher pressure required. So I'm at that point where the decision has to be made. I definitely don't want to grenade a new HR980, not at those prices, which is why staying with R12 is a really viable option and would get me another 10+ years of use.
Misc Tech / Re: R134 with HR980 Compressor
It's the flat ("pancake") one.

I have to figure out a way to get the a/c working in my '84 with the 3.8L V6. The HR980 compressor is stock but it's leaking big time. I'm changing the condenser, accumulator, orifice tube, and lines regardless. Evap core is fine.

I know there was another type used in late '84 (FS6?) that has the single, non-serpentine pulley and it's available with R-134 compatibility. Only problem is, I'd need to find the correct compressor/power steering pump bracket which is sort of a needle-in-the-haystack proposition. the local pick-and-pull, there is an '85 V6 Thunderbird with the full serpentine setup and the newer compressor. Not sure if I'd have to change all the other brackets and accessories though. I wouldn't mind the serpentine setup but it's definitely not stock and I'm trying to keep the stock 1984 appearance if possible.

The last option would be to use my new, correct HR980 compressor with Freeze12 (R12 substitute). I know that stuff is discontinued and expensive, but it would solve all the issues with the least amount of resistance. It would not future-proof my situation though...10 years down the road, this could happen again and I'd need to swap something out for R-134 regardless.
Lounge / Re: What's Up with Missing Pics?
It is a technical issue.  Essentially the way the old vBulletin stored uploaded files is somewhat different from this new software. Alex has to write some custom scripts to translate and convert them all, and to then fix all the links to them. It sounds easy but it’s not. We’re not aware of any pre-made solution so that’s why it would be custom.

I can assure you that Alex is aware of the issue. I’m not going to speak on his behalf ...but I can say that he’s got a lot of things in his life going on right now and he would know best when he could work on it.
Lounge / Re: Welcome To The New Board!
A small update...we got the site URL fully secure now, with the non-secure (http) URL automatically kicking over to secure (https). It doesn't seem to affect anything in our testing, even images, so that's a good thing. Early on in our initial testing, we had some issues getting everything secure but now they seem to have resolved themselves, perhaps from DNS propagation. So your browser won't be screaming that the site is 'not secure' anymore.   :toothless:  :locked:
Audio & Other Aftermarket Electronics / Re: 2 Head Units in the Dash?
You cannot put a regular-depth 1-DIN radio in the top spot because it will interfere with wiring, the metal surrounding the radio support, and the duct work for the vents. If you can find like a half-depth radio, that should work fine, but the only ones like that I've ever seen had big touchscreens (the Alpine ILX-107 in my convertible is like that).

Engine Tech / Re: 5.0 87 tbird oil burning
Just on startup, or all the time?

If it's just when you start, probably the piston rings. That was very common back in the day. On my car with custom ported E7 heads I have valve guide blow-by pretty bad on startup, otherwise it's fine.

Have you tried any oil additives to help reduce the smoking? Sea Foam?