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User Rides / Re: BlueBird
Are you gonna try and do the weekend slam or just as time allows?
Engine Tech / Re: Changing a A9L to Mega Squirt
So the A9L in my Coupe is controlling a 331 making 468 fwhp with an SCT chip and of course a professional dyno tune.  I trailered the car and drove from Tulsa, OK down to McKinney, TX (four hours), spent the night at a hotel, was at the tuner for six hours, and then drove home another four hours.  There are zero reputable EEC-IV tuners in OK but there are a handful in Texas and this guy had several hundred customer reviews.  I called and he took time out of his very busy day and we talked about the build and my almost reached goal of 400 rwhp.  He called it and said it might get north of 350 rwhp.  Gave me a couple of suggestions (different MAF and larger exhaust) that might get me up towards 375 rwhp.  Running a full 2-1/2" exhaust now with a torque arm and panhard bar so no larger exhaust is in my future.  The MAF is off of a 2001 Mustang GT (80mm) and he suggested going to a 2000-2004 F150 Lightning MAF ($150) as I was running out of air up top i.e. pegging the meter.  I asked about the TB as its a 70mm and he said that was not the issue but if I wanted to the Edelbrock Performer RPM II upper could be massaged at the TB connection and that might also help.  I need to check fit up there.  If I end up going to the 90mm MAF then I will have to also rework the piping from the filter to the MAF and MAF to the TB.

Anyhow, the EEC-IV A9L can be tuned but it does have its limits like the guys are saying due to its complexity.  From what I understand and it makes sense due to technological advances the MegaSquirt's processor is way faster than the EEC-IV's.  You do not need a wide band O2 but it does help with tuning for sure.

So if you do not have the A9L then plan on around $200 for one if you have the luxury of being patient and hunting one down on the cheap.  If you are not mass air then you will need a mass air conversion kit which are around $50.  Then you will need a mass air meter which will cost different depending on what you get.  My 2001 Mustang GT MAF was $50 and the 6-pin pigtail (wiring harness) for it was like $15 and then you eliminate the two outer wires and wire the other four into the stock harness.  This meter absolutely requires a tune as the tables are nothing like what is preprogrammed into the A9L.  The SCT chip is around $225 and typically a tune will sell you the chip and a tune for $500.  So if you do it yourself and from scratch you are looking at $715 but with all that a good tuner can take a mild combo and make it all play nice.
Suspension/Steering / Re: What has the part numbers for the brake line adapters?
So I know the Fox Mustang guys going from the stock hard lines on the car to the stock SN95 rubber lines use the following:

(1X) - Dual Master Cylinder Adapter, Inverted Male Thread 3/16" Line to Inverted Female Thread 1/4" Line P/N: Weather Head PN: 7828 (Passenger Side Hard Line to Flex Line)

(2X) - Dual Master Cylinder Adapter, Inverted Male Thread 1/4" Line to Inverted Female Thread 3/16" Line P/N: Weather Head PN: 7818 (Rear Caliper Flex Line to Hardline)

However if you just order the SS braided lines from sites like Maximum Motorsports then you do not need the adapters.  They are pricey but less fittings means less chance of a leak.
Suspension/Steering / Re: Advice on wheels.
If you are changing wheels why not bite the bullet and got to five lug and upgrade to the SN95 brakes?  Your world of wheel options really opens up and the SN95 brakes stop the car so much better, are easier to service, and the rotors are lots cheaper.
General Fox T-Bird/Cougar Discussion / Re: I made a Doug DeMuro style review video of the 87-88 Turbo Coupe
Great video!!  I miss my 85 TC just for the turbo spool.

Just a quick note, the Fox platform in the Mustangs ran from 77-93 with the SN95 platform starting in 1995 which ran through 2004 giving way to the S197 platform.

Also, The front LCAs on the 87-88 T-Birds/Cougars are 14" long which is the same as the 95-04 Mustang front LCAs while the 83-86 Birds/Cougars have the 12.75" long front LCA's which are the same as the 79-93 Fox Mustangs/Capris.  Call Maximum Motorsports and they will verify this. The 84-86 Mustang SVO utilized the same front LCA's as the 82-83 Lincoln Continental which are entirely different even though they are 14" long.  They have a deeper spring pocket, ball joint is raised, sway bar connection point is moved, and a non-serviceable large diameter ball joint. This LCA requires a longer spring due to the deeper spring pocket and the ball joint will not fit a Fox or SN95 spindle.  In general they are impossible to find but I thought it would be worth mentioning.
User Rides / Re: 84 Tbird project
So on the 73mm piston front brake personal opinion and experience is to run away from this "upgrade".  This was done on the SVO Mustangs as well as the Lincoln Mark VII's.  You will need a different MC in that these calipers require a 1-1/8" bore MC and will also require some kind of manual proportioning valve to tune the brake bias.  For all of the cost, effort, and time it is simply not worth the minimal gain over the 60mm stock 87-93 5.0 caliper.  You can buy really good brake pads and gain more braking for the $$$ that way than going the 73mm swap.

Save your $$$ and when you can afford it switch to 5 lug via a 94-98 V6/GT swap utilizing 99-2004 V6/GT front calipers.  The gains here are as follows:
Rear disc brakes
Larger front rotors and twin 44mm piston front calipers
The 94-98 V6 and GT rear axles are the exact same axles and will fit your existing 8.8 housing.
Rotor, caliper, and brake pad selection is excellent vs. the Fox garbage
Wheel selection is light years ahead of the Fox vintage stuff
The front wheel bearing hub assembly allow you to swap rotors and not have to mess with the bearings.
If you are willing you can swap the ABS from the Mustang over to your car.  I did it on my '93 Coupe and what a difference letting the ABS modulate the brakes in a panic stop versus "I can out brake and ABS system with my foot"...bullshit.

There are several write ups on the SN95 brake swap on here so do a little research.  You can have decent brakes with the 11" Fox front rotors and drum brakes out back but if you swap over to the SN95 gear you will notice a HUGE braking improvement.  There is physically no way to make a Fox brake system out perform the SN95 brakes, period.
Engine Swapping / Re: My 427W swap into my Cougar
Engine looks great! What trans are you using and assuming running it through an 8.8 rear?  I seriously thought about a stroker kit but I had a 351W crank from an SVO block for free that another guy was not going to use so that made my build a lot cheaper to go stock stroke and a 0.030" overbore.

Please post back up as you learn the Holly software.  We are going to build a 351W stoker for my dad's project and he wants to go injected by my experience is leading me towards a factory style Fox Mustang injection setup only with the Ford Mustang 8693 MegaSquirt Gen2 Plug and Play with a Painless EFI harness.

Again, that is one sexy motor!!
Suspension/Steering / Re: 2003/04 Cobra front springs
'87 Mustang 2.3L 370 / 160
'87-93 Mustang 5.0 425-530 (progressive) / 200-300 (progressive)
'93 Mustang Cobra 425-530 (progressive) / 160
'93 Mustang Cobra R 750-850 (progressive) / 240-260 (progressive)
'94-95 Mustang Cobra 400 / 160
'95 SVT Cobra R P/N M-5310-R58; 700-850 (progressive) / P/N M-5560-R58; 200-260 (progressive) *Springs were supplied by Eibach
'96-98 Mustang Cobra 400-505 (progressive) / 165-265 (progressive)
'99-04 Mustang V6 OEM 400 / 190
'99-04 Mustang GT OEM 450 / 210
2000 SVT Cobra R P/N M-5310-R00; 800 / P/N M-5560-R00; 750 (IRS) *Springs were supplied by Eibach
2001 SVT Cobra OEM 500 / 470 (IRS)
2001 Bullitt P/N 1R3Z-5310-CA; 600 / P/N 1R3Z-5560-AA; 250
2003 Mach 1 P/N 3R3Z-5310-AA; 600 / P/N 3R3Z-5560-BB; 250
2003 SVT Cobra Conv. OEM 500 / 470 (IRS)
2003 SVT Cobra Coupe OEM 600 / 600 (IRS)

I have not verified these numbers but this list has been on the Mustang board for years and as far as I know it has been vetted.  Would have been great to also have had the new and uninstalled length so you could make a comparison but this is a lot of good info.