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Engine Tech / Where to buy upper CFI gasket?
The upper CFI gasket on my '87 T-bird is leaking and I need to disassemble the CFI assembly to remove the fuel injectors for my '85 Cougar. Advance/Autozone/NAPA don't have the gaskets. I went to the Ford dealer and they said the part was obsolete. Anyone know where to grab a few of these? I've yet to try the local part houses. Maybe they have them.
Below is a picture I stole from Jcassity that shows the location of the gasket in question.
Drivetrain Tech / Which rear axles interchange for a 1987 Thunderdird?
I pulled the axles from my '87 3.8L Thunderbird tonight in order to fix a leaking wheel bearing seal and found one of the axles had already been "repaired" and that the inner race (i.e. the axle) was spalled in both places.  I pointed my browser towards and found axle interchange information on two pages that is inconsistent.

From here:
1983-85.5 Cougar/T-Bird 7.5" and 1986-93 7.5" & 8.8" Mustang (4-lug) interchanges with 1983-92 Ford Ranger (5-lug) - 2 driver's side shafts or 1986-97 Ford Aerostar (5-lug) - 2 passenger side shafts
1985.5-88 7.5" & 8.8" Cougar/T-Bird interchanges with 1986-93 7.5" & 8.8" Mustang
1987-88 8.8" Turbo Coupe interchanges with 1994-98 Mustang w/ABS (5-lug)

From here:
1983 to mid-1985 Cougar, 7.5" rear - 1987-93 Mustang-width axle shafts (aftermarket only); 1983-92 Ford Ranger pickup axle shafts (2 driver's side, ~29 5/8"); 1986-97 Ford Aerostar minivan (2 passenger side, ~29 5/8").
Mid-1985 to 1988, 7.5" rear - 1994-98 Mustang-width axle shafts (7.5" or 8.8")
1988 XR7, 8.8" rear - 1994-98 Mustang-width axle shafts (7.5" or 8.8")

The second page has been updated more recently and I think it is correct, but I'd like to be sure before I go trying to find replacement axles.