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User Rides / BlueBird
Quote from: gumby;468570
I don't believe the left converter would clear the clutch fork
I don't recall anybody else complaining about it. Maybe they already deleted the baby cats. Does the SN95's longer bellhousing make the interference worse?

Either way, plz reinstall to check for me when I do this in 2050. :) After you do it a few times it's not that bad!
Engine Tech / Converting CFI to PFI on 3.8
Not unless you also get the wiring harness and ECU from an '88 3.8. There may be some other misc. wiring issues too.

Even then, you'll make minimal gains in power and fuel economy.

What's the reason you want to undertake this science project?
Lounge / Donations and Site Update
I was going to ask the same thing as 85turbobird, but came to the conclusion Eric did. V5 is >5 years old and there is no V6 on the horizon. It's technically being updated, but there doesn't appear to be an active and responsive dev team running the show.

The more I look the more Vbulletin seems like a hot mess. They were bought out by Internet Brands a long time ago (the same company that bought and sh*tted up a lot of the bigger forums) and run into the ground.
Body/Appearance/Interior / LED Bulb Conversion (Whole Car)
Quote from: V8Demon;468185
I have a relay harness on order.  It comes soldered.  Something I am not to good at is using a soldering iron, yet for some reason I can solder good joints with a propane torch.
Properly tinned iron and flux should fix you right up. Also, using a soldering iron (station) with selectable temperature instead of the dumb always on irons makes a world of difference.
Lounge / stove fan
Quote from: jcassity;468151
can you imagine some of the TEC's ganged along a throttle body air intake,,, meaning if you intentionally lengthen the runner out the fender, down, across the nose and back up on the other fender,, a bunch of these coolers cooling down the intake are.

Peltier coolers are nice when you want quiet operation or are in antagonistic environments (corrosion, vibration), but they really suck at efficiency. Coefficient of Performance (COP) is a measure of heat generated/moved versus power consumed. A COP of 1 means you made 1 Watt of cooling and used 1 watt of energy. COP of 2 means you made 2 watts of cooling and used 1 watt of energy. The A/C on our cars runs between 1.5-3.0 COP. A heat pump in our homes has a COP of ~3.5-4.5. A peltier cooler runs somewhere around 0.5 COP.

It takes roughly 4.7kW to cool 300 cfm of air down 50 degrees.
Btu/hr= cfm*delta t*1.08 Watts = Btu/hr * .293

For a COP of 0.5, you need 9.5kW of input energy to get 4.7kW of cooling effect. Do they make 1000A alternators? :hick:

I think some SVT had a secondary refrigerant loop that had an evaporator in the intake that could cool the incoming air. Using the A/C compressor is a much better application as they can absorb 4+ kW of power and have a COP >1.
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars WANTED / '87-'88 Thunderbird Headlight(s)
Looking for a '87-'88 Thunderbird headlight or headlights to use as a HID projector testbed. Right or left doesn't matter. Condition doesn't really matter as long as I can cut a hole(s) in it and slap an HID in there.

Can't believe I threw my old ones out when I ordered my NOS ones several years ago. :mad:
Misc Tech / Heater blower fan noise?
I've removed the fan assembly on my '87 a few times without issue. Not that bad.

Impossible to do on my '85. But it was wrecked before I got so I assume the body was warped.
Body/Appearance/Interior / LED Bulb Conversion (Whole Car)
Quote from: Tbird232ci;468064
It's an option, but the light scatter would be similar to using HID bulbs in our housings. The best way to do it is projectors. Brian Larkin has done it on his car, and while it looks a little out of place, it works pretty damn well for a projector behind the fluted lens.
Seek has done that too.

Projectors are the only 'good' way to do it as HIDs and LEDs will never match the light source location as the original halogen bulb and will put out wonky light patterns. Have a link for Brian Larkin's project? I found a guy who made his own polycarbonate housings like Seek, but he was dead to the world when I looked him up.