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T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars WANTED / '87-'88 Thunderbird Headlight(s)
Looking for a '87-'88 Thunderbird headlight or headlights to use as a HID projector testbed. Right or left doesn't matter. Condition doesn't really matter as long as I can cut a hole(s) in it and slap an HID in there.

Can't believe I threw my old ones out when I ordered my NOS ones several years ago. :mad:
Misc Tech / Heater blower fan noise?
I've removed the fan assembly on my '87 a few times without issue. Not that bad.

Impossible to do on my '85. But it was wrecked before I got so I assume the body was warped.
Body/Appearance/Interior / LED Bulb Conversion (Whole Car)
Quote from: Tbird232ci;468064
It's an option, but the light scatter would be similar to using HID bulbs in our housings. The best way to do it is projectors. Brian Larkin has done it on his car, and while it looks a little out of place, it works pretty damn well for a projector behind the fluted lens.
Seek has done that too.

Projectors are the only 'good' way to do it as HIDs and LEDs will never match the light source location as the original halogen bulb and will put out wonky light patterns. Have a link for Brian Larkin's project? I found a guy who made his own polycarbonate housings like Seek, but he was dead to the world when I looked him up.
User Rides / Claude puts his car back together.
Quote from: CougarSE;467812
I don't know that I have seen a picture of these two transmission tunnel parts together so here it is.

So auto vs. manual hump?

Hopefully I got the right one when I bought it a while back. Not even sure where it is now
Electrical Tech / ECM pinout for a S3S ECM
Quote from: tnmilkman;467248
I can't even find a Haynes manual around here for t-birds/cougars to look for it.,1992,thunderbird,5.0l+v8,1140455,literature,repair+manual,10335
User Rides / Claude puts his car back together.
Quote from: CougarSE;467136
Wife and baby?  Man I haven’t talked to you in a while.!

I also has a wife and kid! (And a white fox that hasn't run in years!)
Lounge / So what can we do...
Quote from: Mikey97D;467168
I am a new guy here.  The first thing I do when I get a "new" car is look for a forum.
Yup. Just inherited an '87 Dodge D150.

All of the forums for this vehicle are dead except the ramchargercentral forum, but that's for the SUV version. The Facebook group, however, is quite alive and kicking. The search function is nice to find answers without having to ask again. Not as good as a forum, but it does the job.

Same thing for my boat. Forum is basically dead. The manufacturer went under in 2009 due to the recession. (doesn't help the admin thinks he should get $900/yr to run it) However, the FB group is kickin'.

I don't think there is any way to 'revive' the forum. It's a limited quantity item that is constantly decreasing in numbers, as opposed to an 'interest' forum where the idea/product is always available to create or buy. Social media has also put a hurting on it. Heck, look at the Corral. The lounge used to have 50+ people on it and the front page would turn over a few times a day. The oldest post on the 1st page of the Lounge is now from April! Have any old-ish car forums weathered the storm?

The tapatalk thing may be worth looking into though.

On the other hand, the 4Runner forum is still getting lots of traffic (or at least the 5th Gen [2010+]). Helps that it's the only BOF truck in it's class left and social media has made it an extremely desirable vehicle. OMFG, here's a pic of my 'rig' tricked out with #pelfrybilt armor, #nfab sliders, and #budbilt hidden winch mount on my 'gram. Seriously, those people will by a 40k truck and throw another $10-30k on it without blinking! Overlanding is the new car camping! /rant
Body/Appearance/Interior / Alternate Cruise Controls
Quote from: EricCoolCats;466922
Turn signal stalk...

That was dealer installed. A few people here have that, I think. Hard to find nowadays.

That's pretty cool. It's just a bolt/plug-in replacement of your normal turn signal stalk?
Drivetrain Tech / C4/AOD Question
Quote from: Haystack;466854
Meanwhile, I can get a sn-95 v-6 t-5 already pulled for $125 with bell housing.
I want these cheap deals!!

They run about $300-500 here!
General Fox T-Bird/Cougar Discussion / New Helm manuals?
Found a way to get new manuals. Bishko Automotive Literature.

For '87, they've got a PDF of the shop manual on optical media, and print version of the emissions manual. No EVTM for the T'bird.
The PDF manual is pretty good quality. Everything OCR'd. A light watermark in the middle of every page that is minorly annoying. Can find it on for significantly cheaper.

Looks like what they have varies by year. Not sure why they don't have everything.
Engine Tech / Belt Tension on '87 3.8?
I took another look in my Hayes manual but it doesn't have the method you mention. It says to push firmly and measure deflection, giving a spec for under 12" and over 12" span. However, this is only applicable for  v-belts, not to mention it isn't very accurate. My Hayes manual specifies using a nice tensioning meter (>$120).

The Chilton manual assumes all serpentine belts have automatic tensioners.

The tool I bought does the same thing as a a force gauge where you measure deflection over distance, but only requires you to push down on the belt until the tool clicks. It's a cheap version of the $120 tool. A direct tension force is given rather than a deflction over distance measurement.

Haven't put in the 5.0 tensioner. Have you verified it keeps the belt at the correct tension?