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Engine Tech / Re: Changing a A9L to Mega Squirt
A Plug-in Microsquirt Powered (PiMP) is definitely an option, but for $850 plus the price of tuning it I think you'd be better off getting a competent person to tune the EEC-IV.
Engine Tech / Re: Changing a A9L to Mega Squirt
I'm trying to replace my A9L because no one here in Southern Nevada can tune it. They have a problem with OBD-1. Will a Mega Squirt work? Is it OBD-2? I'm not a computer whiz so I don't know if there is something out there that is basically plug and play?
I'm not positive but I think the modifications I have done exceed the capabilities of the A9L.
Appreciate the help.
You can get a Plug-n-Play MegaSquirt for $840. Since you don't have a stock HO, you'll also need a wideband O2 sensor too. Another $150-200. You'll also need to tune it or somebody to tune it. If you aren't a 'computer whiz', I probably wouldn't recommend it.

MegaSquirt isn't OBD-2 or even OBD-1 (which is just a catchall for any ECU that has some sort of diagnostics and is able to tell the end user.

I'd wager a large bet you haven't exceeded the capabilities of the A9L. Even though it's 30 years old, it is still more advanced than any MegaSquirt, Holley, etc for basic drivability parameters (it doesn't have capability for data logging, boost control, etc, but if you've ever looked at the GUFB strategy document you can see how complicated it is. Designed to make the vehicle drivable and emissions complaint in any possible environmental condition. It has orders of magnitude more development man hours put into it than MegaSquirt/Holley/etc)

The downside to the A9L is it can be hard to tune because of the complexity of the strategy. Megasquirt is much easier to tune because it doesn't have all of the emissions or complicated edge case drivability dependencies. Holley is easier than Megasquirt.

Cougar 5.0 went Holley, but his exact route requires putting in a carb intake and a full re-wire. (Correct me if I'm wrong!)
Holley has other options, but I'm not super familiar.

Personally, if you aren't interesting into dumping a bunch of labor/$ into your car, I'd try and find a shop (even if it's down the road a bit) and tune your current A9L as you're N/A and don't have an extreme setup.
Suspension/Steering / Re: Actual sweet spot on shocks/struts?
Shocks/struts don't have a 'sweet' spot. The damping rate is generally linear at all points along it's travel. Fancy off-road shocks will have position dependent valving, but our vehicles certainly don't.

For motorcycles/bicycles/ATSs/UTVs, sag (the amount of bump travel from full extension to ride height) is ~25-35%. I'm not sure what is for cars (which is the point of this thread  :P ), but I'd think it'd be below 50% since you want more bump travel than droop travel to soak up the bumps on the road.
Engine Tech / Re: Cracked Radiator Fan Blades
The Mustang fan may work, but it's not a direct interchange. Dorman has no way of knowing what other differences there are between the vehicles.