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Drivetrain Tech / Replacing the trans.
Ok, my reverse is toast. Now heres the deal, I have an AOD out of an '84 LTD that had the police package. Now I'm curious if I can use that trans. The other thing I'm wondering about is the number on the bell housing. My bird has 52 stamped on it and one off the LTD has 54, I was just wondering what those stood for.
Electrical Tech / 84 alt on an 88 bird
Would it be possible to use an alt. out of an 84 LTD? Cause I have an HO out of an LTD that had the police pakage. The alt in my bird will run the car but it wont charge the battery. I know the connections are different but it looks like it has the same three wires. I just dont feel like paying almost $100 for an alt when I got a relativly new one in the garage. I dont care if I have to cut apart the plug for the alt.
Electrical Tech / Would a bad VR do this?
Latly my battery has been dying rather easily. My friend thinks the alt. is going but the car will run just fine. Yesterday the bird wouldnt start, it cranked, but the battery didnt have enough juice to start it. So I jumped it and it ran fine, made it all the way to school. After school it wouldnt even crank, so I jumped it again. I was able to make it home just fine. IIRC a bad alt wouldnt be able keep a car running that long with a battery thats deader than a door nail. Now doesnt the voltage regulator just tell the alt when to charge the battery? Or am I way off? Hopefully its just the VR and not the alt, because I aint got the money for a new one, and I aint going to Autozone for one that will die in a week.
Electrical Tech / Highbeams stuck on.
No clue on how this happened, but my highbeams are stuck on. The switch on the dash is fine but I have had some problems with the turnsignal switch in the column before. I dont feel like paying almost $40 for a new t/s assembly. Does any one have a wireing diagram for this so I can see if I can run a seperate switch to it or something?