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T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars WANTED / Fox-Body Roller
I want to get back in the game lol, I miss my 'bird.

I'm looking for a Fox body roller car, preferably a T-Bird but anything will do as long as the body is good, interior I dont care as long as the gauges function, it has seats, and it dont smell funky.

Heres a list of what I'm looking for in terms of priority:
87-88 T-bird
83+ tbird
83+ Cougar
79+ Capri
79+ Mustang
Fairmont, LTD, ect...

Also I'm looking for something in northern Ohio. I'm located in Akron, so the closer ya are the better. Basically I'm looking for a cheap project car(If there is such a thing)
Engine Tech / '84 HO Questions
Ok heres the run down. I have an '84HO sitting in my garage that I want to build up. I know it is flat tappet and has shatty e4 heads, but what about the rotating parts? What type of pistons, rods, and crank? Would it be worth building up a bit? Only reason I ask is my Ranger needs a new engine and I need something to do.
User Rides / Found some pics of Junkyard Bird (R.I.P.)
Heres some pics of the bird before it was junked. Hated to do it but oh well. Funny how every picture I have of it, my freinds Cougar was in the driveway somewhere.
General Computer Forum / Problems installing HD
I have a computer that needs a new HDD, but it wont take it. I have an old one out of another computer plus everything to install it. The computer recognizes it through the auto detect and I set every up in the bios like the instrucions said. I save the changes and exit. Reboot the comp and the setup opens. It gives all the hdd specs and what-not, the lisc agrmt comes up, I hit enter to accept, then it says gathering information and a "device error reading drive 1 absolute 0" pops up. Any help is appreciated. The comp is an old 266mhz p2 and the hdd is a 5.7gig Maxtor. The old hdd was a 20gig western digital. I just want to see if I can get this thing working.

PS. does it matter if there is anything the hdd I'm trying to install?
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars FOR SALE / Parting Out 88 Bird
Anyone need some parts. Have an 88 T-bird thats gotta go. Has a 5.0, 7.5 rear, interior is ok, driver door is rusted, pass. door is good, door panels ok. The interior is dark blue, exterior rattlecan flat black. All the lights are good, fronts are alittle yellow. Also have some headlights for an 87 Cougar in good shape. I dont want to ship anything.

I am also open to trades. $150 obo takes the whole thing if I get it running again.
Misc Tech / Inline 6 in an 88 Ranger
Just outta curiosity would an inline 6 fit in a 1st gen ranger? The engine bay is about the same length, maybe an inch or so shorter, than the fox platform. I've been in the mood to do something different to my ranger. Plus I think a turbo 300 would be alittle more interesting than a 2.3T :D
Engine Tech / Mech fuel pump
I got an 84 ho in the garage that I want to put in my ranger. I want to run a carbed setup and I was curious about what all was involved in putting a mechanical fuel pump on it. Truck was already carbed and I dont feel like running wires and all that good stuff for an inline pump.
User Rides / The Bird and the Cat
Heres a picture of my T-Bird and my freinds Cougar. And yes his car is a 20th anny(I yelled at him for painting it) Gonna try and get some new pics later.