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Lounge / Interesting Tuesday
Well Tuesday night was rather interesting for me. I got to drive my Grand Prix approx. 45 miles with no brakes. I was visiting a freind and found a nasty pothole that somehow managed to knock out my brakes. I didnt feel like paying out the ass to have the car towed so bought me some brake fluid and jumped on the highway. Keep in mind this at about 11:30 at night so theres almost no traffic. Got off at an exit thats never busy and used the engine to slow it down and just creeped it home.

Of course the brakes weren't the only thing FUBAR'd after the meeting with the pothole. The driverside lower trailing arm for the rear end decided seperate itself partially from the frame right where it bolts up.

Even yesterday sucked, Autohole sold me a defective radiator for the tbird so I went to go exchange it and they didnt have anymore left. So I went to a different one and they tried to give me a used one that had a bunch of fins bent up. So after driving around for an hour and a half trying to find one in an unopened that wasnt used I finally found one.

About the only good thing that happend this week so far is my tbird is even closer to being on the road, and there will be one more peice of shit G-body in the junkyard.
Lounge / Poncho's
Anyone on here know of any issues on the early 80's Grand Prix? I know of someone whos selling one cheap, and the body is in great condition. He says he thinks it needs a new carb cause its a PITA to get started when its cold. Curious if theres anything I should check for before I get it.

I know this is a Ford site but all the Pontiac sites I looked at seemed to be geared more towards G8's and what-not.

P.S. Dont worry the 'Bird still has priority. I just need something to replace my truck.
User Rides / My $250 Bird and the truck.
Got my camera back and decided to take some pictures.

Just a V6 bird thats optioned weird. It has manual mirrors, no rear window defrost, analoge clock, no tiltwheel, no cruise, but it has power windows, locks, and power driver seat.
Engine Tech / 3.8 CFI to 5.0 CFI "HO"
I just recently picked up an 87 Tbird with a 3.8 and while I was at the junkyard looking for a front end I came across 84/85 fox body ltd with the 5.0 CFI HO in it and grabbed the motor for $100. I didnt see a computer in it or even much of an interior for that matter. Anyway I was wondering if the 3.8 computer would run it, or if I could just use a 5.0 CFI computer out of a another Bird.
Drivetrain Tech / Widest tire/wheel combo
Been asked a hundred times I know. I did a search and kinda got what I was looking for but not quite. I want know what the widest wheel and tire combo will fit in the back of a 87 Cougar with quad shocks. I'm thinking maybe 275/50/15 on a 15x8 but I'm not sure.
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars FOR SALE / '84 302 HO w/AOD trans For sale or trade
Ok I have a 302HO and AOD out of an 84 LTD that had the police pakage. Engine ran good when pulled and didnt smoke. Trans shifted good also. Right now the engine is just taking up space in the garage. Was planing on dropping it into the Ranger but have decided on a 2.3T instead. Looking for $200 but am open to offers. Also looking for a new 4cyl for the ranger too.
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars WANTED / WTB:5-lug Lacies
Looking for a set of 5lug lacies off of a Mark VII or something. Getting tired of looking at the odd looking rims on my Ranger. Wouldnt mind having some mustang rims either but I'm kind of on a budget right now.
Lounge / I Need A Camera At All Times
Yesterday I was out cruising and saw an absolutly mint looking 83-86 'Bird with a full FMS GFX kit! Had the weird grill thing, spoiler, and all the skirts. It even had the blackouts over the lights. Damn near snapped my neck whipping around to look at it. Had a nice deep burgundy paint.
Lounge / 20th Anny and a TC at a Summit cruise in
Summit Racing has a cruise-in on monday every once in awhile and my buddy and I were cruising around and happended to go by. He ended up saying F-it and entered his 20th anny just for the hell of it. We get in there and way in the back there was a nice group of mustangs, so we park next to one of the fox body ones on the end. Just as we get out of the car an absolutly mint looking dark blue 88 TC that is well optioned pulls in right next to us. Yet another one of those days I wish I had my camera on me.
User Rides / Driveway Update (no bird but there is a Ford)
..and a Chevy, again. :shoothead

These two are whats been keeping me busy lately. The engine in the ranger needs rebuilt, its just a carbed 2.0 that burns oil instead of gas. The Blazer runs great but its ready to fall off the frame, and of course it my DD :hick: . The Ranger is going to be a project truck. Its either going to get the 5.0 that was originally goin to go in the 'Bird I had, or I'm goin to sell the 5.0 and get a 2.3t and toss it in. I'm leaning twords the 2.3t, but then again I already got the v8.:dunno:

I got some more pics of them if ya want to see them, Oh yeah theres a poll too.