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T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars FOR SALE / '87 Thunderbird *Keeping for now*
I'm gonna keep the car for a little while and fix a few things on it, there were more things wrong with it that I didnt know. I started to replace the oil pan and just kept finding things that need fixed.

So mods you can delete this or do whatever with it, I'm gonna keep it for now. I might put it up for sale later once some things are fixed or I might keep it, I dunno.
Engine Tech / Motor mount pic request
Ford switched mounts halfway through 86 for the 5.0 correct? I was looking at mine today and they just looked different from my buddies 87. Mine aint wore out or anything just more of a curiosity thing than anything else. Thanks.
User Rides / Two Cats
Sorry for the shatty pic quality, my camera is getting ready to bite the big one. I figured I'd post a few pics of my Cougar up. I will get some better pics when the weather gets better. Well enough jibber-jabber heres the friggin pics:hick:

LEADS on T-Bird/Cougar Stuff For Sale / '86 Turbo Bill
Its at a JY just down the road in the front lot where they keep the cars that are too good to junk. I was gonna take some pics of this car tomarrow but I found it on CL. Heres the LINK. If anyone wants some better pics let me know, the yard is within walking distance of my house so it wont be a problem for me.
LEADS on T-Bird/Cougar Stuff For Sale / 20th Anny with a HO!
Not my car. Figured I would get that out of the way now. My freind asked me to post this on here for him.

The car has a 306, e303 cam, mass air, 2 1/2 inch catless h-pipe, flowmasters, and a cowl hood. The body is in good shape and was painted blue and the car has no rust at all(stored every winter since new) The interior is ok and everything works. The car has a mustang 8.8 with a 3.73 gear.

Now the only bad things about the car. The trans has only reverse and first and the windsheild is cracked.

He is asking $2000 or best offer or trade for a 4x4. The car is located in Akron, Ohio. Remember the price is negotiable he needs the car gone.

I have some pics in another thread Here. I will get some more later tomarrow or Sat.

Akron, Ohio
General Fox T-Bird/Cougar Discussion / How much have you hauled?
Just wondering how much weight anyones hauled in the trunk of their thundercat.

I've had a complete 2.3T with oil in it and the car had a full tank of gas. I've also hauled other heavy items but that motor was probably the heaviest. BTW this with a 3.8 AND it I took it on the hiway with the trunklid in the backseat because it wouldnt open far enough to clear the hoist:mullet:

So am I the only one who uses theirs as a truck?
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars FOR SALE / '84 5.0 Ho Cfi and some wheels.
Ran great when pulled didnt smoke or knock. Engine came out of an '84 LTD with the police package, mileage unknown. I have some of the front accessories, cfi unit I believe has 52lb injectors instead of the usual 48lb. Was originally going to put it into the 'Bird but plans changed and I need the garage space. Pickup only will not ship. Located in Akron, Ohio. Asking $150obo or trade for a 2.3T complete or not.

I also have some 14x7 chrome 10 holes with center caps. Make offer.
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars WANTED / WTB 2.3T in north east ohio
Been looking for a 2.3T to swap in my Ranger. So far all of them have been too far away. Hoping to find one before the snow flies.

I will also take incomplete motors but the more complete the better.
On The Street / Got another rice story for yall
The only problem is I was driving the rice burner:punchballs:. I was in the Mazda heading home after eating some grub at RoadHouse and this VW golf with hacked up springs comes haulin ass up behind me and then pulls up next me at the light. Now i'm sitting here at the light and I know this kids gonna try and race me cause my car has a loud exhaust(muffler rotted off) and its a two-tone with a primer black rattle canned lower and white upper(primer black hides rust real good). Anyways the light turns green he floors it and I do about 1/2 since the trans doesnt like boost from a dig, well once the cars rolling at about 10 ot 15 I put it to the floor, turbo spools good and hard and next thing I know I've got 2 car lengths on him. Well I decide to let off the gas thinking he's had enough, but no of course not, he sees it as an opportunity to do a fly-by so realizing this I get back on the gas and pull away from him again by the time he gets up to the pass door. Well by this time I figured the mazda has had enough abuse for the night so I slow down and watch the golf fly by yelling random obsceneties with a finger out the window and I just smile and wave.

I have no clue what kind of golf it was, I'm assuming it had the standard issue motor seeing as my oil burner passed it like nothing. I can imagine he wasnt too happy gettin beat by my little shitbox car that only cost me an alternator belt and a battery.
Miscellaneous For Sale/Wanted / WTB: Cheap 83-92 Ranger
Been looking for one of these for a while now and havent had any luck finding one. I used to have an 88 but I had to get rid of it now really miss it. I already got one of my "cars I regret selling" back and now I just need to get a ranger again. If anyone has one or knows of one let me know. I aint too picky on the condition of the body just as long as it runs and drives decent and the cab mounts are good. Also the closer to Akron, Ohio the better. Thanks.
Engine Swapping / 3.8 CFI to 2.3T
So would this be an absolute PITA or just somewhat of a PITA. Right now I'm just tossing some ideas around since I still have some peices laying around from when I was gonna swap a 2.3T into my old Ranger. Main question is will I have to swap k-members? I think that might end up being the make or break factor here, but then again a k-member swap dont seem all that difficult, just time consuming.

I still just might track down some cheap beater 4cyl Ranger an turn it into a sleeper though:evilgrin: .
Site Suggestions / The Sig
Figured since I've been around since the old board and I dont plan on getting rid of this car I might aswell make a sig. Heck maybe it will make the banner.
User Rides / The Bird and the GP
I never did post pics of the Grand Prix.

And of course heres the 'Bird.

As you can see it needs a front end.

And the dent by the back window needs fixed.

Yes I know the wheels are mis-matched but the other one that were on the front didnt hold air.