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Drivetrain Tech / Dust cover for the T5
Anybody know the part number for the dust cover where the clutch cable goes into the bellhousing or atleast where to get one? Buddy of mine had his fall of his mustang and is having a hell of a time finding one. Thanks.
Engine Tech / Best SD HO computer
I know there are several SD HO computers out there but I'm just wondering which one would be the best to use. I know the 2.3Ts had some computers that were better than others like the LA3.
Lounge / Case of "Buyer Beware"
Came across this at an Oldsmobile board I go to.

Make sure to click the link at the bottom of the page.

All I can say is wow. At first the car looked great, the very little bit of the underneath you get to see looks nice, but then I saw the rest. How the dealer had the balls to sell a car like this and give it such high praises is beyond me.
User Rides / I have crossed over, again lol
Yeah yeah I know its not a Ford :slap: . I have three other Fords so dont worry, I just have a soft spot for Pontiacs for some odd reason lol. Its a '76 Pontiac Ventura with a '69 Olds 350 in it (originally had an Olds 260), the car is solid and the interior is great. Just has some minor ground issues that need sorted out.

I dont know how I do it but for some reason I always end up with another GM product. Oh well atleast it aint a Chevy;)