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LEADS on T-Bird/Cougar Stuff For Sale / Someone save this car

This car used to belong to my buddy. Some of you may have seen it when it was blue with the mopar stripe on it. Shortly after he painted it satin black he gave it to his brother who ended up trading it for a truck.

The car is in very good shape apart from the interior. It has a HO swap, b303 cam, mass air, o/r h-pipe, flowmaster ex, mustang 8.8 unsure what gears are in it.

The car is also a 20th anniversary.
Lounge / Canfield heads....
....are no more. Now this sucks. I'm always up for supporting local business plus I could go down the road a ways and pick up a set of heads straight from the shop. Looks like that wont be happening.
Miscellaneous For Sale/Wanted / '76 Pontiac Ventura $2000 or trade for V8 MN12?
Lost just about all interest this car. Not in bad shape some surface rust here and there, interior in good shape, motor runs, trans shifts good.

The Engine: '73 350 Olds(was told it was a '69 but I ran the #'s, it aint), has the #8 heads and a 4bbl. and the usual chrome plus an HEI dist. Mileage unknown as its not original to the car. Original was an Olds 260.

The Gremlins: wipers dont work, someone cut the plug to the wiper motor off, I never bothered to fix it cause well, I never drove it in the rain. Gas gauge reads full, all the time(probably ground issue). Valve covers leak like a Sumbitch, new gaskets didnt help, I think the covers are tweaked, however I have a set of factory ones that should be fine.

The extras: #5 heads, new Lunati cam and lifter set, new timing chain, new stock mech fuel pump, new holley performance mech fuel pump, stock vavle covers, points dizzy, bunches of points for said dizzy, bunch of gaskets, and Melling HV oil pump. I'm sure theres other stuff I'm forgetting.

Anyway I'm asking $2000 OBO or trade for something interesting. If its RWD or 4x4 I'll consider it.

Those are pics from when I first got the car, doesnt look any different now. I have some interior pics somewhere which will be posted as soon as I locate them.

EDIT - May trade for a V8 MN12. Dont ask why cause even I dont know, something different I guess.
Lounge / I guess the Cougar is getting parked early

Ball joint let go 2 hrs from home. I had just checked everything two weeks ago and all seemed well. My friend and I decided to go on a little road trip since we had some extra cash for once and on the way back some thing just didnt feel right, turned a corner and got a nasty grinding sound that almost sounded like a well worn wheel bearing. Well wasnt the wheel bearing. The ball joint was wore enough that the control arm was rubbing the inside of my wheel. Well I got it off the road and looked under the car saw what it was and needless to say I wasnt happy. Anyway while I was on the phone with the towtruck driver the ball joint decided to let go the rest of the way and tore up my inner fender some.

All in all my weekend sucked but the ball joint didnt break while I was driving, and the tow bill was only $200 instead of the 3-400 like I was expecting. I was gonna wait until the car was parked for the winter to redo the front and rear suspension(better shocks, springs, CHE arms, ect..) but looks like its gonna happen earlier than I wanted.