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Other Vehicles / Added another Ford to the lineup lol
So been awol a bit since the new job has me busier than a two peckered Billy goat but my Ranger has done it's time. Few weeks ago I bought this. 2013 F150 ecoboost 4x4 with 91k on the clock. Newest thing I've ever owned and the most expensive lol. Gone are my days of rusty cheap dailys so I can afford my hobby lol.

All the 5.0s were out of my price range unless I wanted something high mileage but after driving one of these at work I decided to give them a chance and I'm glad I did. Feel like I'm moving up in the world lol
Body/Appearance/Interior / Interior paint
Anyone know if this blue is still available and if not is there another color that is close? Wanting to get started on recoloring my center console here soon. Also gonna try and make a cup holder that will set inside the trim piece for a floor shifter lol.
Exhaust / What longtube headers fit with an aod?
Gonna be redoing the exhaust on the bird at some point and weighing some options. I know what will work with a t5 but I know aods make things tough and even more so on a column shift. Just wondering what works right now.
Other Vehicles / 78 F150 351w swap
Figured I'd post up the other money pit lol. Not much been done to it so far other than pulling the wore out 302 that was in it. Currently I have a 95 351w roller shortblock with low miles waiting on my to buy a set of heads and toss it in.

Truck in great shape apart from the bed that a previous swapped cause theirs was shot. At some point it was swapped to a np435 trans from the original c6. Cab forward is mint apart from the pass cab corner and bottom of pass door.

Current plans are just to get it on the road again since the tbird I got a few months ago took the trickflow head money away lol. At some point I'll go 408 with some good heads and do a crown vic crossmember swap and a different trans but for now I'm gonna find a set of stock heads and get her going again.
Suspension/Steering / Steering rack upgrade
Looking at ordering a 15:1 rack setup from lmr. Anything I should know before buying? Mainly wondering if the stock pump will work with it. It comes with new bushings and tie rod ends and I'm assuming the rod ends will work on my 85 but I'm not sure.
Engine Tech / 85 5.0 roller ready?
What are the chances my late 85 (2/85 build date) is roller ready? My understanding is that the bosses should be there but may not be drilled.
Body/Appearance/Interior / Stuck glove box
So here's the story. When I bought my tbird the po went to open the glove box to make sure he got everything out and it wouldn't open. Tried the key and it just turns with no resistance. Anyway to get it open without damaging it or should I suck it up and find a matching one and go ham on it. I'd rather no go the ham route btw lol.
User Rides / The car that brought me back
Well here she is. 85 Thunderbird 5.0 base in light regatta blue. Was browsing fb market place for some 351w parts for another project and this popped up for 1500 as soon as I opened it. Being what it is and the fact you don't see them in my area anymore I had to look. Long story short I drove an hour and a half away to pick up this 102k mile gem. Needless to say the 78 f150 is kinda on hold at the moment lol.

Current plans are to redo the suspension first then 8.8 swap and t5 swap. After that I'll move on to the engine. Anyway here's some pics lol. Came with hubcaps and mudflaps now she sporting a set of welds and no flaps lol
General Fox T-Bird/Cougar Discussion / Need some paint ideas for a 4 eye
Looking for some paint ideas for my 85 bird. Going for a non stock approach. Looking to keep it blue but go darker (original plan but open to others) and I'm not sure on whether to paint the window trim body color, black, or keep it as is. Belt line I plan on doing body color as with the headlight buckets.
Lounge / I'm back? Again?
Been a few minutes since I've been on here lol. I will say this, I kinda miss ezboards lol. That being said tho this is coming along good since last time I posted and I've been doing some lurking and diggin lol.

Chit chat aside finally got to a point I was able to get back into these cars again. Was trying to find a tbird as close to my first car as possible (88 5.0 base in light blue minus the rust and issues) and wound up with its low mile (102k) older brother with just the usual 30 plus yr old issues but without the rust. Those of you that frequent the fb page have seen it and many post from me lol.

Glad to be back and I don't ever plan on letting this gem go. Also can I get the "foxless" under my name changed to "Not Foxless" lol. I hunted all around trying to change it with no luck lol
Lounge / Anyone here a member of
I've been trying to make an account there and I either dont get an email from them at all or all I get is the email with the link to activate the account and they never activate it. Any thoughts on this? I'm only trying to figure one thing out on the car they have no search feature that I can find.
User Rides / Got a new toy (Caution Contains Chevy)
It was cheap, runs good, shifts good and is a little bit of a sleeper.

It has a 350 with a 4bbl and th350 trans behind it. Needs very little work mechanically, interior is in good shape(apart from needing cleaned something fierce) and has a speaker wall in the back.

I've been driving it lately since its better on gas than my F250 and the Cougar is up on jack stands getting a much needed suspension rebuild.