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Lounge / Re: Dimebag Darrell shot and killed
Yeah, stupid Ohio people. Friend of told me about it. Basically killed my day, but my friend smoked a blunt in honor of him, so yeah...
Electrical Tech / Re: Highbeams stuck on.
Wanna hear something funny. Apperantly the previous owner replaced the switch assy. cause my green thing aint green, its white. I also looked inside it, pulled the lever, it clicked, and saw the switch thing inside move like its supposed to but the highs are still on. Right now I'm rather confused on whats goin on with it. I'm not sure if I want to do the wire thing or not cause the switch is fine. Any ideas on whats goin on with this?
Electrical Tech / Highbeams stuck on.
No clue on how this happened, but my highbeams are stuck on. The switch on the dash is fine but I have had some problems with the turnsignal switch in the column before. I dont feel like paying almost $40 for a new t/s assembly. Does any one have a wireing diagram for this so I can see if I can run a seperate switch to it or something?
Lounge / Re: Where are you from
Quote from: Ifixyawata
Damn! You're the ONLY person on the board who's closer to Summit than me.  It's about 45 mins for me.

I'm about 5 mins from Summit. So ha I'm closer.
Lounge / Re: What do you drive?
88 T-Bird(Not running at the moment)
91 Caprice(Not quite mine)

I once was a long time GM fan, then I bought a Bird, and have loved Fords Fox platform ever since. Especially Birds and Cats.