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Lounge / Anyone here a member of
I've been trying to make an account there and I either dont get an email from them at all or all I get is the email with the link to activate the account and they never activate it. Any thoughts on this? I'm only trying to figure one thing out on the car they have no search feature that I can find.
Lounge / why is everyone so serious?
I've been a member here since '04 and was even around for the EZ Board days, I can assure you its just a combination of the weather and the economy. Just wait till things warm up a bit:hick:
Lounge / Guess the car
Guess that means I have to come up with a car.

Here you go.

Lounge / What to expect when scrapping a car?
I used to send many a car to grave (most were so rotted messed up they werent worth anything as is) and we always stripped them down got all the aluminum, rotors and drums and everything off the car first.
Lounge / Allentown PA Explosion?
I'm almost positive we have a member from Allentown. I remember a while back in the for sale section there was a member selling some parts or something, almost positive he was from there.
Lounge / Two-Cylinder Bolt On
No doubt. Might as well recirculate the exhaust back into the motor to, free supercharging FTW!!!11
Lounge / Guess the car
Fiat something or other

EDIT - NVM Fiat is Italian
Lounge / What to expect when scrapping a car?
I dont know why cars get such low prices without a motor. Hell we got $350 for this thing, no axles, trans, t-case motor was in pieces and the block was cracked. Guy even drug the damn thing up purdy new roll back too.
Lounge / Two-Cylinder Bolt On
This mod is so BA i had to come out of hiding lol. I need to do this to my Crown Vic, V10.5 cop car FTW:mullet:
Lounge / So we're back... and shiny and new...
Diggin the new setup. Like the midnight style vs the stock setup. Not sure I want to see what nicks balls look like, might try his spleen though lol.
Lounge / Heh. (The Big Reveal Is Here).
I disappear for a little while and I come back to find out Eric is keeping secrets from us publicly! I demand to know whats going on! LOL
Lounge / Lost
Quote from: ThunderbirdSport302;323036
Anybody catch the finale last night?

Ended along the lines that I figured, but a little less dramatically.
Still, I wasn't left wanting more.

I don't know what I'm gonna watch now...Lost will be tough to top. :mad:

Yep and those were my thoughts exactly. Definitely gonna be hard to top.