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Engine Tech / 85 5.0 roller ready?
What are the chances my late 85 (2/85 build date) is roller ready? My understanding is that the bosses should be there but may not be drilled.
User Rides / Re: The car that brought me back
Nice car.  I would prob carb it, but that's just me.  Gonna keep the rear bumper sticker?
It's gonna stay until it's ready for paint. Not big on bumper stickers but I like that one lol.

Where are you in ohio? I have almost everything for a ho conversion. A9l. Mass air computer harness, fuel rail, explorer intake and 19# injectors. I was rounding stuff up before I bought the fitech kit.
I'm in akron. Might have to take you up on that before I spend too much more on this car lol.

Chuck I think I'll stay efi. Been looking into some of the ms kits out there and I'm liking what I'm seeing lol.
User Rides / Re: The car that brought me back
Those welds and getting rid of the mudflaps made a huge difference lol. I'll keep everyone posted lol. Been atleast 10 years since I've been in one of these. Last one I had was an 86 cougar i got off a member on here. Before that I had an 88 and 87 bird. I do have a tc hood I scored for 100 bucks that just a has a ding from storage. I'll get a pic of it later.
Body/Appearance/Interior / Stuck glove box
So here's the story. When I bought my tbird the po went to open the glove box to make sure he got everything out and it wouldn't open. Tried the key and it just turns with no resistance. Anyway to get it open without damaging it or should I suck it up and find a matching one and go ham on it. I'd rather no go the ham route btw lol.
User Rides / The car that brought me back
Well here she is. 85 Thunderbird 5.0 base in light regatta blue. Was browsing fb market place for some 351w parts for another project and this popped up for 1500 as soon as I opened it. Being what it is and the fact you don't see them in my area anymore I had to look. Long story short I drove an hour and a half away to pick up this 102k mile gem. Needless to say the 78 f150 is kinda on hold at the moment lol.

Current plans are to redo the suspension first then 8.8 swap and t5 swap. After that I'll move on to the engine. Anyway here's some pics lol. Came with hubcaps and mudflaps now she sporting a set of welds and no flaps lol
General Fox T-Bird/Cougar Discussion / Need some paint ideas for a 4 eye
Looking for some paint ideas for my 85 bird. Going for a non stock approach. Looking to keep it blue but go darker (original plan but open to others) and I'm not sure on whether to paint the window trim body color, black, or keep it as is. Belt line I plan on doing body color as with the headlight buckets.
Lounge / Re: Fuel shutoff inertia switch
Gm did in the early 90s but I can't remember if it was the same style switch or not. Atleast my mom's 91 rivi did when she had me change the fuel filter for her. Other than that I have no idea.
Lounge / Re: I'm back? Again?
85 and yeah I just got those. Couldnt pass them up for the price even came with damn near new tires lol.

Yeah I've been doing some digging on here trying to jog my memory on a few things and you ain't lying on it being easier to find lol. Shoot my buddy couldn't remember the wheel and tire combo on the back of his old cougar and all I could remember was fox stang rear and 295s lol. Dug up an old post on here when someone asked the widest tire combo you could run there was a post from me with details lol. I'm just happy all the old posts made the switch.
Lounge / I'm back? Again?
Been a few minutes since I've been on here lol. I will say this, I kinda miss ezboards lol. That being said tho this is coming along good since last time I posted and I've been doing some lurking and diggin lol.

Chit chat aside finally got to a point I was able to get back into these cars again. Was trying to find a tbird as close to my first car as possible (88 5.0 base in light blue minus the rust and issues) and wound up with its low mile (102k) older brother with just the usual 30 plus yr old issues but without the rust. Those of you that frequent the fb page have seen it and many post from me lol.

Glad to be back and I don't ever plan on letting this gem go. Also can I get the "foxless" under my name changed to "Not Foxless" lol. I hunted all around trying to change it with no luck lol
Lounge / Anyone here a member of
I finally got an email from them saying they approved my account, they sure take their good old time lol. I'll have to check out, its nice to have some other options.
Lounge / Guess the car
1972 AC 428

Now where did that pic go.....AHA here it is.

Lounge / Anyone here a member of
I've been trying to make an account there and I either dont get an email from them at all or all I get is the email with the link to activate the account and they never activate it. Any thoughts on this? I'm only trying to figure one thing out on the car they have no search feature that I can find.
Lounge / why is everyone so serious?
I've been a member here since '04 and was even around for the EZ Board days, I can assure you its just a combination of the weather and the economy. Just wait till things warm up a bit:hick: