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Other Vehicles / Added another Ford to the lineup lol
So been awol a bit since the new job has me busier than a two peckered Billy goat but my Ranger has done it's time. Few weeks ago I bought this. 2013 F150 ecoboost 4x4 with 91k on the clock. Newest thing I've ever owned and the most expensive lol. Gone are my days of rusty cheap dailys so I can afford my hobby lol.

All the 5.0s were out of my price range unless I wanted something high mileage but after driving one of these at work I decided to give them a chance and I'm glad I did. Feel like I'm moving up in the world lol
Body/Appearance/Interior / Re: Interior paint
Been debating on respraying the whole interior since the dash has some minor cracks, the headliner is just painted cardboard (so dead nuts on the color didn't notice it at first lol), and the rear panels are pretty faded. So a close match would work for me. I'll check out that link. Not sure why I didn't look there first lol. Thanks
Exhaust / Re: What longtube headers fit with an aod?
I've made shorty's work on a buddy's 20th before but that was years ago and I cant remember what all we did lol. Wasn't much tho. I know floor shift and longtubes are doable but I think I'm limited to bbk on that. Guess I'll have to suck it up patch the leaks for now lol. Shes got some home brew true dual setup with no cats and glasspacks right now. Was a decent job until they decided to cut the cats out that they put in and welds on the new pipe leak.
Body/Appearance/Interior / Interior paint
Anyone know if this blue is still available and if not is there another color that is close? Wanting to get started on recoloring my center console here soon. Also gonna try and make a cup holder that will set inside the trim piece for a floor shifter lol.
General Fox T-Bird/Cougar Discussion / Re: Pondering of taking my 83 Cougar long trip.?
Been pondering a similar trip myself. Except I'll be going from akron oh to my sisters house in myrtle beach. Did it in a rental last year. Got a fusion hybrid and made it the 10hr ish drive on a single tank lol. Hoping to take my 102k mile 5.0 bird down but I'm leary lol. Car runs and drives good just still has some little things that need done.
Exhaust / What longtube headers fit with an aod?
Gonna be redoing the exhaust on the bird at some point and weighing some options. I know what will work with a t5 but I know aods make things tough and even more so on a column shift. Just wondering what works right now.
Other Vehicles / 78 F150 351w swap
Figured I'd post up the other money pit lol. Not much been done to it so far other than pulling the wore out 302 that was in it. Currently I have a 95 351w roller shortblock with low miles waiting on my to buy a set of heads and toss it in.

Truck in great shape apart from the bed that a previous swapped cause theirs was shot. At some point it was swapped to a np435 trans from the original c6. Cab forward is mint apart from the pass cab corner and bottom of pass door.

Current plans are just to get it on the road again since the tbird I got a few months ago took the trickflow head money away lol. At some point I'll go 408 with some good heads and do a crown vic crossmember swap and a different trans but for now I'm gonna find a set of stock heads and get her going again.
General Fox T-Bird/Cougar Discussion / Re: When your Fox is Done...
I've scrapped two of these cars due to serious rust issues and the parts I regret pulling were mainly trim pieces random interior parts. It's amazing how hard the little things are to find. I'm not sure how the cars are where your at but I'd pull whatever seems to need replaced the most out there as long as it's in good shape. Best way would be to get another one and swap what you need over.
User Rides / Re: The car that brought me back
If it wasn't for all the ziebart coating under the car and oil from leaks id've just torched them out but I found out that ziebart burns when heated enough and I didn't want to deal with that lol. I went through a 5 pack of diablo bimetal blades first try and only got halfway through and gave these a try lol. Pass side was a piece of cake tho they came right out lol. I just hope the back end goes smooth
Suspension/Steering / Re: Steering rack upgrade
The more I look into it the more I agree. I know some people have used the stocker with good results but let's face it its a 34 year old pump. Its probably not up to par as is even tho it's only got 102k on it lol.