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Vendor's Section / CUSTOM Indiglo and White Gauges (Available for ALL Configurations)
Quote from: 88CougarGT;360993
I would be really interested in making a set for my 67 Mustang.  Especially one where I could convert my double gauge to a cheap tach.  I think you could make some dough over at VMF.  Send me a PM if you might be interested.
I am interested; you have a PM.
Quote from: vinnietbird;361006
How much are they, and how hard are they to install?
For you to just pay me and I ship you sweet gauge faces, $200 USD.  There are now options on the first post.  Installation requires some cutting of the black plastic lip for the wires. (look at the right half of this picture)  The wiring and inverter can all be contained in the gauge cluster.  The inverter fits behind the speedo. (picture)  The power can be tapped from the stock gauge lighting. (picture)

For some reason I only get some notifications in my email so if I don't respond back in a timely manner, feel free to email me at
Vendor's Section / CUSTOM Indiglo and White Gauges (Available for ALL Configurations)
If you can scan the gauge faces, I can make them for you.  Scan the middle fuel gauge thingy too if you can.
Scan them at 600 dpi (I don't need any more but I can use a low as 200 dpi) and tilt the gauges between 5°-30°.  Scans are never 100% straight.  It is harder for me to get them straight when they are really close.
Then email them to and we can talk from there.
Vendor's Section / CUSTOM Indiglo and White Gauges (Available for ALL Configurations)
I just figured out another way to make the gauges and warning plates.  I did this example of a 92-95 Civic.

They are a little bit more restrictive but look more professional.
Face color choices, White, Black, Blue, Silver
Then I can have them glow up to two different colors.
Please let me know if this type is more favorable or not.

The "printing" is available in white if you want white letters on blue or black.
Body/Appearance/Interior / L.E.D. Bulbs
Quote from: t3skidoo;208804
Can you tell a difference while driving?
Nope,  I can't see them while driving because of my projectors.  I can only see them when I drive into my garage.  The LEDs were a little brighter then.