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Electrical Tech / Sun Visor wiring differences
Our cars and pretty much every FoMoCo product that had illuminated sun visors had a very basic one wire feed for power and grounded to the frame through the metal mount and screws up until the 90's at some point where they went to a 2 wire setup and the mount material was switched over to plastic.

Many moons ago I found a set of early 90s Explorer dual illuminated sunvisors that were a direct swap.  No cutting, no splicing.

Someone put a terrific rip in the passenger one on my car a few months ago. 

I picked up a set of 03-04 Marauder Illuminated dual sun visors.... The mount holes for the TWO of the screws line up.  I'll have to drill for the 3rd.  Apparently they moved one of the holes with the metal to plastic mount switch.....  No biggie.

Another thing.  The pigtail for the newer style visors is as I mentioned; TWO wires....  I'm ASSUMING one is ground and one is power  It gets better.  The driver side has 2 black wires, no markings.  Passenger side has a green with red striped wire and a black with orange striped wire....

I TRIED feeding power to one wire and grounding the other on the roof.  Blew the fuse for the circuit....  Someone I know suggested trying to test it direct to the battery.  No dice.....  Also a theory.....  Both wires somehow get power and the ground is the metal nub the wires come through.....

If anyone actually KNOWS I'd be grateful. I have the sun visors installed and the wires taped so that can fish them back out.  It's not as if it's an absolute necessity for me to have the visors illuminate, but it would be nice.  I mean the car came that way so....
Electrical Tech / Well then...... That's news to me.....
I was doing a little digging into EATC system operation and came across the following thread.....

I found a post in there that piqued my interest considerably.  Here it is....

Quote from: My10-80;451112
would it make a difference that I can still manually adjust the speed?
Ummmm, I dunno I'd suspect the controller I mentioned is OK if manual adj works...

May want to check EATC temp sensor mounted at heater core hose connector... It prevents blower from operating on automatic when engine is cold, then goes to full on once temp starts to rise... It's one of the things that pissed me off about the EATC system, as air was never warm enough when high speed activated(and part of reason why I specifically sought out my TC with a manual HVAC system)... Then you are talking about A/C, so again I dunno...

BTW there is also a cabin ambient temp sensor that plays a large roll in operation, it's mounted in dash above the Graphic EQ/storage well...

I'm sorry.....  WHAT? A cabin temp sensor?!!!!?????

 I never knew about this let alone noticed it when I've been messing about in that area.... 
Someone please educate me on it.
LEADS on T-Bird/Cougar Stuff For Sale / Re: Odd T-bird on Craigslist
That's a 3.8 in the pic.  The seller is clueless.

This is 90% a car that took a front end impact and had the nose and hood from a TC put on.  There's what appears to be a decent sized rust hole just behind the driver side door down low on the seam.  Request more detailed photos to include a phot of the VIN in the window. Personally I wouldn't touch it.
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars WANTED / Top fro t windshield molding
Like the title says, I need a top front windshield molding for an 87 Cougar.

The one I had decided I wanted a divorce from the car while I was driving on the parkway. My fault actually.  Don't ask..... It's been a long morning.

Lemme know what you got!
Lounge / Re: Welcome To The New Board!
You gotta host it from another location.  Type the image web address into the signature and put the IMG tags around that.
Lounge / Re: Welcome To The New Board!
I'm having severe issues through a mobile device.  Timeouts occur in blindingly short periods of time and I am unable to edit my profile or post from a mobile device. 

All appears well from my laptop.....
Lounge / 2020 Shelby, American Muscle Link
Depending on pricing and whether or not this continues into the 2021 model year (which is probable. Every time they say it's limited to X number they blow right past that number), this car is within the realm of possibility.  I just put myself into a car payment for the wife in August.....  I'm already 6 months ahead, lolol!

For something like this, My 05 Would go and most likely the Cougar as well. I'm getting to a point where I'd rather dedicate all my energy at ONE toy rather than a multitude.
General Fox T-Bird/Cougar Discussion / 83 XR7......Why do I have a P92 in a LS trim?
I've typed your VIN into about 7 or 8 different VIN checkers.  The Ford ones say the VIN is for a 2013 Sable, LOLOLOL!

The other ones say it is in fact an 83 Cougar, but none gave a trim level.  One said the car was a 3.8 which we know is incorrect due to the 8th digit being F.

You could pony up for a Carfax or a Marti report if you're THAT curious.  You could see what the local DMV printout for your VIN says if anything, but that's a crapshoot.

My guess?  The VIN decoder is incorrect with regards to the trim label.

Also, that top isn't super rare.  I've seen quite a few like that over the years.