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User Rides / Re: Chuck's '83 TBird
I was wondering when someone was going to ask about those.  ;)

Those are 13" Brembos from an 04-09 Volvo S60/V70R. That configuration is being adapted for my '97 850 Turbo. (I also have a set of the fronts for my Volvo 240 project).

Doing some layout for an adapter.

Cool for the Volvo project, but I was hoping you had figured out a way to get them on the '83.   8)
User Rides / Re: My 85 TBird
Will probably just have to bolt my seat back in, put some power to it and do some measuring to see how much clearance there and see what is possible. I have a friend who is an amazing fabricator and I've always considered doing proper "through the floor" sub frame connectors and with the interior currently gutted, now is the time.
User Rides / Re: My 85 TBird
You bet.  My thinking is it just keeps the subframe connector from deflecting thus stiffening the car a little more by tying it to the rear of the front subframe.

Did you give any thought to putting in upper subframes like the ones Griggs Racing has?  I have them in both my Fox body cars and that is all the black paint you see on the bottom of the floor pan along the front subframe and around the bulk heads of the rear subframes from the welding burning the paint off.  I have the drawings for those as well.

With the uppers installed, is it still possible to retain fully functioning power seats?
User Rides / Re: My 85 TBird
Nice work.
Have you considered putting a 45° fitting on the rear diff connection?

Other Vehicles / Re: Well, I did a thing.....
I've always loved the Mark VII's, especially the LSC Special Edition ones. If I had the garage space, one would be parked next to my T-bird  :smile:  I recently drooled over this one....

The Special Editions were made in low volume and I believe will be collector cars just may take another 20 years for that to happen.

Same here.

For fun, two of my close friends and I each put together a list of cars we would have in our dream garage if we were it hit the Power Ball and a 1992 Lincoln Mark VII LSC Special Edition in Garnet Red is one of the cars on my list.

Congrats on the purchase of the LSC.
Hope the repair of the Dodge works out for you.
Electrical Tech / Re: Well then...... That's news to me.....
I found some time to pull mine out of the dash and found out that my memory is not what it used to be as my sensor is not the Mark VII version as I thought.
I'm tempted to buy one of these for the spare parts bin.

Body/Appearance/Interior / Re: Seat upgrade ... attempt #2 ...
I have always considered installing SVO's seats in my XR-7, mostly for the extra bolstering but didn't want want to lose the comfort and features of the original seats not to mention the original look and feel of the "waffle iron" upholstery that I personally find very appealing. When Matt originally posted this thread, it was pretty much exactly what I would like to do to my seats someday and I cut and pasted his steps and pictures into Word file and filed it away for my own convenience.

I was able to get nearly all of Matt's photo's back in to the tread, but I did miss a few. That was due to me originally saving only those that pertained to the actual rebuild.

I don't think it can be understated that Matt's work here is extremely helpful whether you plan on doing a similar conversion, restoring, or even just some repair work to your original seats.

Other Vehicles / Re: 78 F150 351w swap
Same here.

I remember riding home with my dad from the dealership when he bought his brand new '78. It was just a base F-100, but lots of good memories of that truck.