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T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars FOR SALE / Garage Sale
Howdy! Its been awhile. :)

Doing some early spring cleaning of my garage and I got a few parts hanging around from my various projects in the past. I tried adding the pics directly to the post but they are freaking ginormous so links instead. Sorry. :(

Clear Side Markers - $Sold!
Painted OEM Markers Included.

Clutch Cable Firewall Adjuster - $25 Shipped
I don't remember what brand this is...

Taurus Fan - $60 Shipped
Pre-trimmed and includes a little mounting clip.

More to come.

Paypal only on shipped items.

Lounge / Wife put her foot down
Haha! Nice work. I would love to do the same thing, but my wife would never trust me to buy her car for her. lol.
Events & Shows / ThunderCat Day 2014 - Aug. 23
Well, I goofed and forgot to book my room and now they be all gone. :(

So I booked a room at Comfort Inn, right down the road from Champion Ford.

See you guys tomorrow!
Events & Shows / ThunderCat Day 2014 - Aug. 23
Quote from: gumby;437172
Open dyno time will be 9a-12p. After that it's usually pretty free choice, we work out meals together and evening activities. Come and go as you please, it would be great to finally meet you, Antonio!

Ok. Sounds good!

Quote from: JeremyB;437178
It's a Prius v, get it right!! :D

Events & Shows / ThunderCat Day 2014 - Aug. 23
I'm going to try and make the drive up on Friday. I'll park next to the Prius. :D

Is there a general itinerary for Saturday? I will probably have to head back sometime Saturday evening.
Lounge / Android or iPhone?
I don't get the Apple hate (ok - I hate iTunes!). Android in practice isn't exactly "open" to the user. Just the OEMs. Whom in turn lock it down like a promiscuous daughter. That root/OTA update song and dance I did with my Droid X was painfully not what I perceive as "open". My Razr does what I want, how I want, and when I want, but isn't a simple process and involves several apps (most of which require root).

If you want a rock solid SMARTPHONE inside and out get the iPhone.

If you must have Android (4G is awesome!), I tell all my friends to stick with top of the line phones from Samsung and Moto. Sometimes HTC. Go Nexus if your carrier supports it. Low end phones get next to no dev support. Some apps can be almost unusable. If you want root you are on your own (have fun!). Even my Droid X was all but abandoned by devs after a couple years. It was one of the reasons why I upgraded. I am hoping my Razr will last longer than two years in OEM support. By contrast the iPhone 3GS, released a year before the Droid X, is still receiving updates. :/

My Razr is leaps and bounds better than my Droid X. Which in turn was leaps and bounds better than my gawd awful Blackberry Storm (I shipped that POS to Turkey!). Which was a step backwards from my WinMo phone. Almost all phones are eclipsed by the next release.

You really can't go wrong these days. iOS. Android. WP7. Well... except for Blackberry. They deserve everything that is happening to them.

Good luck!
Lounge / Sightings about town
Saw an 87-88 White TC today. It reeked of gasoline and I know that situation all too well. :(