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Quote from: Romeo2k;409511
jrad>What Valve Seals setup did you go with? I'm trying to avoid "Umbrella" type.

And I went looking for some extra help on the subject, And am being told these heads/valves are in terrible unacceptable shape:

Heads are going to make a trip to the local Machine Shop, and He tells it as it is over there. So I guess we will find out soon.

nothing wrong with umbrella seals  they used them for many many years
Misc Tech / Drain plug
Quote from: TOM Renzo;409152
Has anyone repaired a pan in the car. I have and i am always afraid one will blow up in flames. But i never had one do that. Just a talking point!!

weld on them all the time no issues
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Quote from: Romeo2k;409107
Yes, No, Maybe?
Don't be afraid to chime in...

more then likely just fine, i personally like to see a hair wider band
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front of engine is where the belts are, front of gasket always faces this direction, and the gasket lines are just a design the v8 ones are the same way also

nothing odd about it thats why they mark them "front" ive put hundreds of felpro's on with no issues

Quote from: Romeo2k;409065
So water passages on the REAR it seems. Positive? I want so badly for this to end well.
Front of the engine is the belt/accessory side, Correct? Just checking... And yes one would be need to be flipped, which seems odd to me since blue line side is flat and gray side has raised areas. I'll go Victor Reinz next time.

The original Dowels are in place and cleaned up, I was just wondering if it was necessary to replace them as was the bolts.

PS: I went in around 9am on Saturday to O'Reilly Autos and the guy said he would have them sent to the store by 4pm (They arrived just after 1pm). So props to them on that! I was figuring at least a 1 full day or more.
User Rides / Project Thunderstorm
front goes forward no matter if the gasket has to be flipped on the opposing side to do so otherwise FRONT means FRONT lol

and yes you must have the dowels in place
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars WANTED / La3 ecu
Quote from: Kitz Kat;408556
I'm not sure, what I'm finding  Auto+ manual can use the same ? I'm not 2.3 expert. Like I said earliar I do have the rebuilt one, I took it out of a friends 88 Tc auto.There is nothing wrong with it.

the fuel and spark maps are differant in between auto and manual turbo ecm's