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T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars FOR SALE / 83 Turbo Coupe swapped 85 HO V8 car
83 Turbo Coupe swapped 85 HO long block,.. explorer upper and lower,bbk tb and cold air,.. stock mass, 225 lph walbro pump, A9L , t5 and 3:45 gears, modified h pipe, cold ac, new heater core MM clutch quadrant, all stock suspension other than 1/2 coil cut on the rear,needs paint, fun and easy to drive, I am ready to sell ,middle Tennessee. $4900 type=image]post_tmp_6248_233d6825dbb082b9f96ad7634926cdc4[/attach]XXXX
Misc Tech / Re: dash swap, sn 95 into bird
so an MN12 dash will also go in?, The fairmont column looks like a direct bolt in, and if i understand you corectly the fox or sn 95 dash is a almost a bolt in too?
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars FOR SALE / These parts are up first
Power antenna assy. with lower switch panel - $80.00
Black trunk carpet with spare cover and jack-$50.00
Marchal fog lights with brackets, switch and 8 spare bulbs- $325
Rear axle assy. with Auburn track lock and 3:45 gears, new breaks,axle bearings and seals, - $350
1983 TC cluster with tach - $85
Complete ac system - $250 ( currently swapped over to R134 and will freeze you out)
Full Gray Interior, power front seat,( piping coming out), manual passenger seat, gray rear bench , seat set -  $225
Loaded center console with fuel door release inside - $100
Trunk pop solenoid and switch - $45
Loaded black tilt steering column with cruise and ignition key- $125
Gray power window and door lock door panels complete with arm rest - $125 pr
will trade my power window regulators and motors for manual regs and crank handles

if you don't see it ask, if you want to make offers on anything shoot me a pm, a cage is going in the car so all this is coming out, gona use a fairmont steering column,

Misc Tech / 87-88 nose on 83-86 car
does anyone know if the 87 88 nose will bolt on to 83 86 ? anyone done the swap?
thanks Rob
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars FOR SALE / 83 TC Gutting interior ,trunk, and amenities,
Stripping this 83 TC To go to the strip, black car with gray int. Fully loaded, p/w,p/d, 85 mph cluster w/ tach., gray/ black trunk carpet in excellent shape and complete, power driver, manual passenger seat, complete new a/c system except for compressor and evaporator, 7.5 true-track drum rear axle 3.45 gear, let me know what you need , I'm in middle Tn 45 mins from Nashville
Also 85 HO roller motor complete freshened with rings and bearings, seals, gaskets, has explorer intake on it come drive before you buy. PM me for info and pics
At The Track / Re: Wildhorse pass 11/16
New on here guys got an 83 TC w/93 stang running gear , going drag racing and am gutting the car, I saw your comment on Astro t5 what are your thoughts on ProMotion t5, thanks Robert
also How to post in parts for sale?
Lounge / I just want to say...
Hey , Whats up, new here to the forum , wanted to say hello, and greet everyone, I'm not very good at forums and if i am posting in the wrong area forgive me,