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Other Vehicles / Re: '16 F150

I really like the 04-08's. The 09-14's kinda turned me off. But the 15+ they really sharpened them up. And that's a great shade of blue.
My previous daily vehicles (2) were white.  I needed a change bad and couldn't resist my favorite color.
I checked around with some online friends, some of which work at Ford, and they said 16+ newer were good.  Not that '15 was bad but it was a first year model and had some problems as they all do (every brand).
Today, I turn in my leased '16 Sierra.  It has been a good truck but a few things had me wondering.  I am sure it will treat someone else well. 
Other Vehicles / Re: '16 F150
Sorry I didn't mean to start the debate on warm up of vehicles.  Next should I ask what kind of oil to use?  LOL

I am lazy and don't like to scrape the windows in the morning during the winter/cold months.  I just use the starter when I walk out the door of the house so it might run 1 minute during the summer before I start driving.
Other Vehicles / Re: '16 F150
That sounds like  great mileage to me!  My 06 Silverado 6.0 is a gas eater!
But it has torque!!!
I do notice the 5.0 in this compared to the 5.3 in my old truck has a little less torque down low so it needs to downshift earlier.
Traffic was bad last night and I got stuck in standstill too.  Dropped down to 17.9 mpg and now with the ride back to work it is at 19.2 at mid 90 some miles.  If I did out by hand I am certain it would be lower since I have been using the remote starter to warm it up.
Other Vehicles / Re: '16 F150
Did the commute into work with it today about 35 miles at 19.1 mpg.  Really good and about the same as my GMC Sierra 5.3L with cylinder deactivation.  Impressive.
Other Vehicles / '16 F150
Picking up this used truck today.  Getting anxious.

'16 F150 XLT Crew Cab with 6.5' Bed.  38k miles.  I hope it treats me well.
Suspension/Steering / Re: '88 Turbo Coupe optimizing the stock brakes?
The threads on the brakes lines are different too from the Mustang to Tbird?

I wouldn't be opposed to swapping out to some braided lines.

I am going to call MM about the CRES sleeves and some street pads for front and back.  I checked the hoses on the front last time I had the front wheels off, but have not inspected any in the rear.

232ci - good point about the brake fluid absorbing water.  These brakes don't have the mushy feel of contaminated water like my dirt bike, but being a car I am not sure it would feel the same in the pedal as the bike.  The fluid is old and it needs to go anyways.  Thanks for the link!!!
Suspension/Steering / '88 Turbo Coupe optimizing the stock brakes?
I am not ready yet to do a 5 lug swap and remove the TEVES.  Maybe in a couple years.

The brakes in my car feel "vague" is about the only way I can describe it.  The pedal doesn't give much feedback what is going on.  I have done a couple emergency stops but the wheels didn't lock up so I assume the ABS works, but I didn't the clatter of it turning on either.

The rotors and pads look fairly new on the car, but I am not opposed to swapping them out.  I am planning on bleeding the brakes, replacing the pins in the front and find the shims for the pads if any. 

Any suggestions on what else to do other than bleeding the lines?  Maybe some other pads? 

User Rides / Re: Starting fresh
I had a '79 Tbird where they used a nylon coated timing chain that at about 100k had shreaded enough nylon the clog the oil pump.  Not sure if they continued that through the 80's.  If you find a plastic type debris in there you might want to change the timing chain too.

Good luck with the oil pressure.  To get the pan off these things it is almost easier to pull the motor.
Body/Appearance/Interior / Re: Cowl Hood Project
I think the CA smog rule for engine swaps requires the swapped engine in a car to be originally from a car and not at truck, In addition, I believe the engine has to be from the same model year or newer model year car. I'd probably have trouble find a 1988+ model year car, factory equipped with a 351W...I can only think of the 1993 Cobra R that had the 351W.  The 306 I have in my car now is originally from a '91 Mark VII, so CA smog is fine with it, as long as it blows clean on the chassis rolls. Also, I don't mention to them that it's been bored .030 to a 306 cid  8)
There was a Mustang Saleen S351 but who knows if that passed California's rules.