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User Rides / Re: BlueBird
I am looking forward to where this twist leads.

A while back I saw a Maverick in a magazine where they installed a 300ci straight six with a turbo.  Some straight six goodness.
User Rides / Re: 85 bird
Wow, that is a clean looking car.  What is the story with the Queen of Clubs on the dash speaker grill?
Misc Tech / Re: Rear Underbody Resto/Gas Tank Install
Did you have to eliminate the emergency brake crossbar to put the frame connectors in?

I just had to put spacers on my crossbar to fit the exhaust in without it rubbing (Stinger 3").
Suspension/Steering / Re: larger wheels and lower profile tires
Thank you!  That car looks great. 17x8.5 wheels.
Thanks & correct.
One thing to note is I have the shocks set in firm mode so the valving is increased in the shocks.  That helps offset the added weight of the wheels (unsprung weight).  Going from 15" to 17" is going to add a lot to the unsprung weight and might need different springs & shocks to help the ride.
User Rides / Re: My ol beater tbird
Document everything including when you called Monster Transmission then call your credit card company.  Might take a month, but you CC will get to the bottom of it. 

Sorry you are going through this.  I went through something similar a few years back.
Suspension/Steering / Re: larger wheels and lower profile tires
I got about 50 miles on the car last night with the new wheels.

Stock ride height 235/50R17

I am happy with how the car drives.  I didn't notice the car harsh over any bumps with the added weight.  It is a big improvement over the tires I had on the rear that gave too much sidewall deflection (previous owner put 265/50R16 on the rear).

Edit: this is where I ordered them from and have details on rim size
User Rides / Re: Work In Progress.
Car looks great. Try Danco Lettering for the vinyl Tbird wheel emblems. I used them in the past and were great to deal with.
Thank you!

My coworker has a vinyl cutting/making setup he uses for his RC planes and offered to help me.  good to know if I fall on my face there's a backup.  At work we have a laser marker, but I am too chicken to permanently mark it yet.  If I get a good image file from my coworker from the vinyl I may be tempted later down the road.
User Rides / Re: Work In Progress.
Looks great! The 93 Cobra wheels just look natural on our cars, probably because the MN-12s had similar wheels from the factory.

Are those the wheels that Late Model Restoration sells? How's the fitment in the front? Do they stick out past the fender lip at all? I'm considering picking up a set to replace the Snowflakes on my car in a couple of years. 
Thank you!

I did get those from LMR.  First time ordering from those folks and was a pretty easy transaction.  I had ordered wheels originally from Mustangs Unlimited, but had to cancel the order after waiting 6 weeks to find out they wouldn't have the rims until December.  Only complaint about that was I had to pester them for an answer when the wheels would be in otherwise they were helpful and local for me.

I did notice the front wheels appear to stick out a little more than the stock snowflakes.  I will take a picture and post it up over the weekend.  The local tire shop suggested that I do something with the ABS wire to tuck in more.

The car had 265/50R16 on the rear and although I liked the look it did not drive very well in my opinion.  It was so much better driving home last night on the back roads and highway.   The old tires had too much sidewall that made the car "wiggle" so I was always correcting and now it just goes straight and turns in nice.  Planning to do the rear control arms in August/September.

Next up is eliminating all the squeaks and rattles.  Then onto optimizing the stock brakes. 
The brakes feel vague to me at this point.  Is that the Teves setup causing that sensation?
User Rides / Re: Work In Progress.
She got new sneakers today!  Now to find a good Thunderbird symbol to make the vinyl stickers for the center caps.