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Engine Swapping / Swapping 89 5.0 HO into my turbo coupe
Quote from: thunderjet302;462020
If I remember correctly doesn't some year 5.0 F-150 fuel rail hook up to the TC lines? If so that would also save you the hassle of having to swap 5.0 fuel lines in from the tank to the engine bay.

Does anyone recall if this is correct?
Body/Appearance/Interior / Rear seat belt 88
Quote from: Sport26;459020
That means they do exist!
Could you take some photos? Espcially the brackets in different angels but also hole setup.
Are there any covers over the retractor?
Pictures would be nice since most of us never seen any.
(By the way looking for light gray)

I can pull them out and get some pics for you. If I recall, they're the shoulder belts only. They just kept the original lap belt with the retractors and added the shoulder belt that used it's own buckle. I believe the plastic cover that went over the bolt on the package tray were prone to deterioration from the sun. I'll post them once I dig the belts out of the attic.