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General Fox T-Bird/Cougar Discussion / Cracked my windsheild
So I was vacuuming out my 86 tbird. I had my window scraper in the front seat kinda wedged while I was vacuuming out the back seat, went to mean the front seat back forgetting about the window scrapper. Went to pull the window scraper out not realizing it was jammed and it kinda popped out, straight into the windsheild.

Big giant star on the passenger side.

Yeah, trying to be quick to save another $.75 I busted a $200 windsheild.
Electrical Tech / Cruise control not working
See if the horn works.

These cars predate clocksprings so there are contacts behind the steering wheel. If the car sits for a while they get corroded.
Body/Appearance/Interior / Manual side mirrors
Good luck. I've seen two sets in 15 years. When I was a kid I saw 5-20 cougar birds Everytime I went to the junkyard. First set was on my first car, second set I bought at the junkyard about 5 years ago.
Lounge / Hit a guard rail today.
Just want to remind everyone to slow down a bit.

I was driving my 86 bird on the freeway today. Hit a patch of snow doing about 55mph and the car got sideways. I had decent tires, there were cars in front of me driving faster, but luckily no one next to me. The car went left almost completely sideways. I held it sideways for a while, but I was getting closer and closer to the center cement barrier.

I decided that I would be better to go to the empty right lane then hit the cement and overcorrected a bit. I got the car straightened out on the shoulder, but the momentum kept me moving to the gaurd rail. I barely contacted it doing about 20mph.

There are a few scratches mainly on the fender trim. There was some rubbing on the outside of both tires, but doesn't look like more then a scratch on any body metal.

I really think if I would have had either snow tires or slowed down another 5-10mph I wouldn't have hit anything.

It seems like I might have bent the tie rod on the driver's side. Steering wheel is a bit crooked. Looks like I only need a new tire on the rear, it looks like it got cut up a bit on the outside of the guard rail and a bit on the sidewall. Made it home no problem, and no one got hurt.

Just a reminder to slow it down a bit. This is the first time in 15 years over actually hit something in my car, and I am really bothered by it. To be honest, I was really glad I was in a car I was so familiar with. I was probably sideways for 500 feet. I didn't panic or slam on the brakes. The Ballance of the car was really neutral overall, and I am honestly surprised I was able to keep it from flipping around.

Be safe out there
User Rides / BlueBird
The clocking for the clutch for the clutch arm is at 9 o'clock on a fix, and more like 7 o'clock on the sn-95 bell housing. Mine was okay till I ate the motor mounts behind my v-8. I ended up taking the heat shield off to make sure it didn't rub, but I never had an issue.
User Rides / Figure is just start my build......knockers thread
Mustang stuff does fit, but I have been told an h-pipe will not bolt onto our manifolds. Never tried it, but it is a different sized collector and angles different.

If you are a column shift, the linkage can get in the way. Stock Stang shorties have a bit of clearence, but may rub.

Ballancer should have the same marks as a Stang...m haven't had an 84, but they are very faint. I clean off the balancer and hit it with some chalk