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Electrical Tech / Dash board lights out
Quote from: thunderjet302;464966
Check the wiring for the headlamp/dimmer switch. Sometimes they burn, causing weird issues, since the power for the lights runs through the switch. Also check the ignition switch, especially if any other weird electrical gremlins are present.

Thanks for the advice.
Electrical Tech / Dash board lights out
I took it out and there was a bunch of blue/green powder residue underneath the switch. I blew that off and it seems to be working now, but still shuts off the panel when i turn the done light. What is that part specifically called that I would replace? When I have looked up the headlight switch it doesn’t look like the part that I saw.
Electrical Tech / Dash board lights out
My dashboard lights went out in my car yesterday, but them came back on later. Then they went out again. I noticed that when they did work and I used the dimmer switch to turn on inside lights the dash went dark again, but came back on when i turned off interior lights with the dimmer switch. Does this sound like a bad headlight/dimmer switch? I did have a turn signal and headlight out, but i replaced them and this happened after. Any suggestions or advice, thanks!
Engine Tech / Car lights blink repeatedly and car won't start
I have an 88 Cougar and the starter was replaced on the vehicle. when we tried to start it after replacing the starter, the lights flash repeatedly and nothing happens when you try to start it. I know I am getting power down to the starter, but is there some kind of anti-theft system that needs to be shut off?  The car has had the lights flash repeatedly after the car battery was dead and I jumped it, but it would start. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars WANTED / Looking for Door handle screw covers and trunk luggage rack
I am looking for the two plastic screw covers for the upper door handle for an 88 Cougar, mine is blue but I will take other colors. Also, the luggage rack that went on the trunk lid. I am not sure if that is something that can be separated from the trunk. I don't have one on my trunk and would like to add it if possible. Thanks in advance for any help you can give me!
Assembly / Disassembly How-to / Console/Headlight switch change
I have an 88 Cougar with the standard digital speedometer and regular headlight switch. Is it possible to change to the all digital console with the wiring that I have? Also, is it possible to put the auto light headlight switch that was an option with my car by simply changing out the switch or is it more involved than that?
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars FOR SALE / 88 TC part out
Sorry if I missed this in an earlier post, but what color was the interior? I am looking for the covers for the screws on the top door handle. Also, do you have the ash tray with the door. I have an 88 cougar.