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Assembly / Disassembly How-to / 85 Cougar Sun Visor Help
I do wish to keep the visors stock because I'm not trying to customize, but just restore it back to near what it was. I'll definitely look into bringing it to an upholstery store after I try other options because 1. I just graduated and money is a bit tight since I've yet to been able to find a job (lack of experience in a bad economy sucks), 2. it's something for me to do to keep myself from going crazy, and 3. I really honestly have no idea where the nearest one is and how trustworthy they are.
Assembly / Disassembly How-to / 85 Cougar Sun Visor Help
I don't know how to resize these photos yet... but they're attached. Sorry for the size. The first and second one show two different locations and they both appear to have some melting associated with the plastic. The third picture shows yet another side that does not have said melting.

Assembly / Disassembly How-to / 85 Cougar Sun Visor Help
I'd prefer to restore the current ones because I can change the fabric and have them match the headliner, which I restored earlier. Also, any other visors at salvage yards would also have the same state of deterioration in the underlying foam layer.
Assembly / Disassembly How-to / 85 Cougar Sun Visor Help
Hey, I'm new to the forum and have tried browsing around to see if there is an answer to my question before posting, but didn't find it. Sorry if there is a post, just redirect me to the thread.

I am working on restoring the inside of our 85 Cougar and I wanted to reupholster the sun visor because the fabric is sagging and somewhat moldy to tell the truth. I wanted to know if anyone has any experience with doing something like that and has any tips for me.

I have removed the vanity mirror and light portion and the seams of the two halves appear to be slightly melted together. If anyone has experience with this, I'd appreciate the help.